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Hassan Jameel Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Hassan Jameel Worth Right Now



The Internet has lost its collective mind over photos of Rihanna making out with a mystery man in a hot tub in Barcelona, Spain. Now, this smooth operator has been identified as Saudi Toyota heir and Naoimi Campbell’s ex Hassan Jameel.

But is this Jameel guy good enough for Ri-Ri? Looking at his net worth, he just might be.

Hassan Jameel’s Net Worth as of 2017: $1.5 Billion

Yes, billion. With a “B.” But how in the hell did this guy amass such a fortune before snagging Rihanna? Let’s take a look.

1955 – 1993

The Jameel family are the sole owners of the right to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia, a title they have held for eight decades.

via Forbes (who ranked the Jameel family No. 12 on the list of the world’s richest Arabs):

“In 1955, Abdul Latif Jameel won exclusive rights to distribute Toyota in Saudi Arabia,” writes Forbes, “He passed away in 1993, and son Mohammed became chairman and president of Abdul Latif Jameel Co.”

Hassan is the deputy president and vice chairman of the family business, Abdul Latiff Jameel Domestic. According to The Sun, he is the public face company, one of the biggest in the world.

According to the official Abdul Latif Jameel website:

“[the company is] Comprised of diversified businesses with deep roots in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT region). Strong networks and long-established relationships make us a powerful partner, opening doors for those who want to do business in the region.”

Their “Businesses represent some of the world’s leading brands, earning us their trust and building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Our commitment to anticipate and support our partners’ needs has driven our success.”

1996 – Present

Over the past five years, Hassan’s role with the company has led to him holding meetings with British royalty such as Prince Andrew. Under Hassan’s tenure as deputy president, the company has continued to flourish.

At a Toyota Corolla Launch in Saudi Arabia in 2014, Hassan was brought on stage to celebrate the company’s new Guinness World Record. “As of February 2011,” the presenter said, “The name Toyota Corolla has appeared in more cars than any other with an excess of 37 million produced worldwide.” The presenter added that the Jameel family has sold over 14.1 million cars “over ten generations” dating back to 1966.


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