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Brittany Simpson Photos: Full Story & Must-See Pictures Of Robert Simpson’s Daughter


Millionaire movie producer Robert Simpson, known for producing many Stephen King adaptations, was allegedly shot and left to die by his 31-year-old daughter Brittany.

What Happened?

Brooke Simpson, the 28-year-old sister of the accused murderer, called 911 around 6:03 A.M. ET on May 9 upon discovering her father lying naked in a pool of his own blood at the family’s Charleston, South Carolina home. In the audio obtained by DailyMail.com, Brooke can be heard begging her mother to go into her father’s room.

Earlier, the family members had been woken up by Simpson shouting and the sound of a single gunshot.

“Mom, please!” she can be heard yelling. “You might have to administer CPR…Mom, go in there!”

Susan Simpson, 65, was too afraid to enter the room where her husband lay dying. Robert, 66, was still breathing and attempted to yell for police who forced their way into the room. Authorities found him “laid completely naked,” on the floor, pooling blood obscured the entrance wound of the single bullet that exited through his chest and left arm. The round lay, clearly visible, nearby.

Mount Pleasant Police Officer J Ballentine wrote in his report that he could see Simpson’s stomach moving as he attempted to breathe.

He wrote, “I called out to him. Mr Simpson looked straight forward and attempted to move his lips, however was unable to respond.”

Robert Simpson was pronounced dead at the scene soon after after the failed efforts of first responders to stabilize him.

Brittany initially claimed that an intruder came into the house, shot Simpson and fled. Her story was quickly disregarded after an empty Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm box was found in her room, the same weapon used to kill Simpson.

A witness told investigators they saw Brittany running down the dock immediately behind the family home after the shooting. Officers recovered the gun and clothing matching the description of what Brittany had been wearing earlier that morning, anchored by a pink dumbbell and submerged in water 10 feet beyond the dock.

Brittany has now confessed to shooting her father and a sworn affidavit taken the following day concludes: “Brittany Simpson did kill her father…with malice of aforethought.”

Simpson was about to wrap on the television adaptation of Stephen King’s 2014 novel Mr. Mercedes.

Brittany Simpson

Police reports obtained by DailMail.com reveal 51 separate incidents including domestic disturbances, vandalism, theft, physical and verbal altercations, threats of violence, harassment, shoplifting, fraud and drug related offenses involving all family members. Brittany is the subject of 32 of these incidents.

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