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High School Student Goes On Insane Racist Rant Against Asian Teacher


New footage shows the moment a California high school student unleashed a racist tirade on his science teacher.

The teen, a student at Eastside High School in Lancaster, California, has been identified on social media as Gideon Yapp.

In the video, Yapp is seen screaming at a man he calls Dr. Hsu. According to, school records, there is a Franklin Hsu who teaches physics at the school.

The video begins with Yapp screaming, “I stopped talking,” at the teacher. Yapp then gets into Hsu’s face and yells, “You do not come up to me and get in my goddamn face.” Hsu, who is trying to continue with his lesson, says “All right, go sit down.”

This is when Yapp loses it:

“No, you go sit down, come up to me like that, who the f*** do you think you are. I’m not f***ing playing. Come up to me and do that to me, I’ll do it to you, b***h. Shut your f***ing mouth, f***ing tell me, who the f*** do you think you are?

F***ing n****r, f***ing b***h, F*** n****r,” he yells as he dumps out the garbage can.

“Fix up your f***ing room,” he yells.


The teen can also be heard calling the teacher a “b***h” and the “N-word,” telling him to “shut the f**k up” before ripping something of a faucet in the room and kicking a wall. He eventually walks out, delivering a last epithet from the hallway.

Eastside High student Ashley Figgers says she doesn’t know what happened to him.

“He’s just, like, so sweet,” she tells CBS2 News. “You would never think of him doing anything, and then to hear this, it’s like, ‘Him? No!’”

Likewise, a watch commander with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station familiar with the student tells CBS2 News he was stunned at the news, claiming the boy is normally an upstanding student.

Eastside High School released a statement after the footage went viral:

‘We take this type of situation very seriously. Our teachers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. The incident has been investigated and appropriate action by school administration has been taken,’ Eastside Principal Kristen Tepper said.

It is not known at this time if Yapp, who has since deleted his social media accounts, has been punished by his school.

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