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Planet Hollywood Bouncer Ken Bradix Hailed As Hero In Times Square Incident


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Ken Bradix, a 47-year-old bouncer at Planet Hollywood, is being hailed as a hero for chasing down Richard Rojas.

Bradix, who was at his job as a door host supervisor of the area’s Planet Hollywood restaurant, was outside when Richard Rojas mounted the curb in Times Square, injuring 20 and killing one.

When the 26-year-old Rojas tried to flee the scene, Bradix chased him down and tackled him to the ground before police arrived to assist.

Bradix laid on top of Rojas until the NYPD arrived to arrest him.

via NY Daily News:

Richard Rojas, 26, did not appear to have a scratch on him when Times Square worker Alpha Balde and a Planet Hollywood bouncer saw him sprinting away from the red Honda he allegedly used to plow through a lunchtime crowd in one of the busiest intersections in the city.

Balde, a 57-year-old ticket agent for CitySightseeing said he and Bradix grabbed Rojas and held him until police arrived.

“We saw the driver running toward Planet Hollywood in the middle of the block,” Balde said shortly after Rojas was arrested.

“The bouncer from Planet Hollywood knocked him out. He knocked him out so bad you could see the blood coming out of his face. That’s when I jumped in, I grabbed him from his neck and within about one minute everybody’s there.”

Rojas has a history of drunk driving, receiving two previous DWIs.

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