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WATCH: The Day Rager That Is Ohio University’s High Fest 2015 [VIDEO]


HighFest Video

Ohio University is in the middle of “Fest Season”–arguably the greatest time for a college student in the nation. The OU students throw multiple day ragers that all lead up to #Fest (Number Fest), a massive concert that will feature Diplo, School Boy Q, G-Eazy, Borgeous, ILoveMakkonen, and much more.

Last week we showed you the nutty video for #MillFest, the opening party of Fest Season. Thrown by the students of Mill Street, it was a college party featuring a donkey, tons of drinking, a little person drinking with said donkey, and slip ‘n’ slides. And of course, hot chicks.

Now we’re into Week 2 of Fest Season, meaning that it’s time for the students of High Street to throw their own party. We’d say it was a huge success.

HighFest (2)

It’s not a party until some homeless dude’s smoking a blunt.

HighFest (3)

You’re not #1 anymore.

HighFest (4)

“The Dad Chaperone” is such an underrated look.

HighFest (5)

Great tattoo.

HighFest (6)

The look of someone who just got his mouth unexpectedly abused.

HighFest (7)

I feel dirty looking at this photo.

HighFest (8)

Great throwback jersey.

HighFest (9)

Those look like Philly’s without any weed in them.

HighFest (10)

Of course the one kid with a button down is holding the keg up.

HighFest (11)


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