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Best Late Night Eats at Colleges Across America Part II


Best Late Night Eats at Colleges Across America Part II

Partying is the best, especially when you’re in college. Between the countless number of frat parties to choose from, the local bars that boast student specials, and the ability to have a crazy night out and still manage to be a real person the next day (we can’t always say that same), it’s a huge plus to being a collegiate. But what’s even better than those keg stands so epic they had to be recorded, is the eating afterwards.

After covering some of the most frequented late night eat spots by ASU, PSU, and NYU students, we decided to take some more college tours throughout the country to find the best spots to feast at. Below, our list. Try to control your salivary glands, you animal.



Brown University

Where You’re Eating: East Side Pockets

What You’re Eating: Falafel and Kafta Combo Pocket

We’re starting off our list with a Brown University favorite: East Side Pockets. Let’s get real – when you’re intoxicated, the chances of food getting into your mouth without an accumulated mess on your shirt/lap/hair/fingernails are much lower than if you were sober, so falafel pockets are pretty much the perfect late night food. A pita crammed with hot sauce, hummus, LTO, hot peppers, tahini, yogurt cucumber sauce, pickles, tabouleh, ground beef, and fried chickpeas? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, YES.


tri tip sandwich fresno

California State University, Fresno

Where You’re Eating: Dog House Grill

What You’re Eating: Tri Tip Sandwich

All hail the Tri Tip Sandwich, a sub you can never eat just the tip of. Dog House Grill is the place to be, according to Fresno students, even despite their “late night” closing of 10pm. Giant televisions, a constant crowd, and the meaty tri tip calls for day-drinking and leftover eats to ward off a throbbing headache.


pork sammy

Colorado State University

Where You’re Eating: The Colorado Room

What You’re Getting: Pork Sammy with Poutine

For those less fortunate souls who have no idea what poutine is, The Colorado Room wants to change that. Enter one of the most epic late night foods: fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Yes, curds. Basically the richer man’s Disco Fries (no hate Disco Fries, we really, really love you). Throw in a pork sammy – shredded slow roasted pork shoulder, apple and jicama slaw, and sweet and tangy BBQ sauce – and you’ve got the best way to end a night out before heading back to campus.


bacon cheese fries fried pickles

East Carolina University

Where You’re Eating: Sup Dogs

What You’re Getting: Bacon Cheese Fries and Fried Pickles, if you’re feeling extra obliterated gluttonous

Those Southerners love their fried food, and we love them for it. Sup Dogs has been a favorite amongst East Carolina University students since it opened in 2008. Full of the classic bar food staples – burgers, hot dogs, nachos – it’s items like Funnel Cake Sticks and fried mini tacos that sets this place apart. After a night out, opt for the joint’s famous World Class Bacon Cheese Fries (they’re gooey, messy, and f**king delicious) and a side of Southwest Fried Pickles. When in Greenville, North Carolina, eat as they do.


The Ad Burger and Fries FSU

Florida A&M University/h2>

Where You’re Eating: Well’s Brothers (Monk’s)

What You’re Eating: The Ad Burger and Fries

We’d like to lovingly refer to this joint as Burger Heaven, the only place we want to go when we die (fingers crossed Charlotte McKinney feels the same way). Between the Lip Smacker, the Gator-Hater, and the Panhandle, it’s hard to choose which burg you should stuff your pie-hole with first, but FAMU is making it easy for us. Enter the the Ad Burger: a slab of beef smothered with Cajun mayo, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, and black bean mix on a sourdough roll. There is definitely a God (or at least a Burger God).



Long Island University, Brooklyn

Where You’re Eating: Junior’s

What You’re Getting: Cheesecake

Considering we’re from New York, hearing someone say “cheesecake” is like music to our starving ears, and LIU Brooklyn undergrads seem to agree. The top late night spot is the iconic diner Junior’s, which is known for it’s creamy cheesecake and a bunch of other things we don’t care about because we’re really focused on the cheesecake. We’ll take 9 slices.


MJ special michigan state

Michigan State University

Where You’re Eating: Menna’s Joint

What You’re Eating: MJ Special

3am is prime late night eat time, hence why a large majority of MSU students stagger to Menna’s Joint after hitting the bars for the night. Don’t bother browsing through the menu – opt for the MJ Special to satisfy your munchies. This chicken, meatballs, pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara wrap gives you everything you’ll need for your morning after. Unfortunately you can’t order online, so you may have to sober up a bit before calling in your order. Drunk people don’t like getting the wrong delivery box, especially if said delivery box isn’t filled with a bucket of greased-up grub.



Monmouth University

Where You’re Eating: Jr’s

What You’re Eating: Original Jr’s with Tater Tots. Annnnd Fries

When the beach is your campus, you have to keep yourself in check throughout the year, but Monmouth University students make an exception when it comes to a late night stop at their boardwalk’s Jr’s. Burgers and fries always do the trick, but the Original Jr’s takes it a step further with their secret sauce. It’s damn delicious, and about the only time we’ll eat something with “secret sauce” in it.


sweet peppered bacon cheese fries

Oklahoma State University

Where You’re Eating: Eskimo Joe’s

What You’re Eating: Sweet Peppered Bacon Cheese Fries

When it comes to cheese fries, Eskimo Joe’s knows what’s up. Doused in an uncanny amount of melted cheese, chunks of crispy bacon, and sweet pepper, this plate is definitely a stop-stealing-mine-and-get-you-own type deal.



Towson University

Where You’re Eating: The Real Thing

What You’re Eating: The Real Thing – Tony’s Way

The name speaks for itself – these cheesesteaks are the real thing (and deal). The restaurant boasts that they sell the best cheesesteaks in Maryland, and according to Towson University students, they’re right. Opt for their namesake made Tony’s way – topped with sautéed peppers and onions, and hot sauce. Sadly they only deliver lunch (which is actually kind of perfect when you factor in Homecoming weekend), but they’re open on Thirsty Thursday and the weekends until around 3am. Cha-ching!


blue suede cow loaded fries u of arizona

University of Arizona

Where You’re Eating: Lindy’s On 4th

What You’re Eating: Blue Suede Cow with Loaded Fries

If you’ve never had peanut butter on a burger, you haven’t lived. No, seriously. University of Arizona favorite Lindy’s On 4th offers customers the Blue Suede Cow, a juicy burger layered with lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper jack, bacon, and peanut butter. The taste combo is basically the best thing you’ll ever put in your mouth. Don’t forget to order a side of  loaded fries -t he cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and chives will satisfy any craving you have leftover. Now drink up, champ – you’ve gotta get ready for tonight.


The Fat Texas BBQ - UCLA

University of California, Los Angeles

Where You’re Eating: Fat Sal’s

What You’re Eating: The Fat Texas BBQ

This neighborhood sandwich shop made our last list, but this time around, we’ve got a new favorite. The East Coast inspired shop flaunts the perfect cure to any hangover with their wide variety of menu items, including mouthwatering brisket, BLT Ranch Fries, and 27-inch heroes deemed The Big Fat Fatty. While the latter sounds insanely amazing, the chances of projectile vomit are high, so we’re getting the next best thing: The Fat Texas BBQ. Layers of pastrami brisket, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, bacon, sautéed onions, melted cheddar and mozarella, fries, mayo, and honey BBQ sauce are somehow contained on a garlic hero. We have no words.


mama ling

University of Central Florida

Where You’re Eating: Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria

What You’re Eating: Mama Ling’s Thanksgiving Sandwich

Having Thanksgiving dinner all year round definitely isn’t a bad thing. Mama Ling’s Thanksgiving Sandwich: case in point. Featuring turkey, gouda, stuffing, ginger cranberry chutney, mashed potato, and cream cheese, which we didn’t know had anything to do with Thanksgiving but at this point, we really don’t care. A side of gravy is the cherry on top (or gravy on top?) of this post-midnight night bite.


ultimate chili dog university of central missouri

University of Central Missouri

Where You’re Eating: Crazy Dog

What You’re Eating: Ultimate Chili Dog and Fries

We were kind of skeptical about hot dogs before this list; you get them at the ball park or on the street when you only have $2 on you, not when you’re looking to munch on something hearty after taking too many shots. But now, we’re convinced otherwise (and really want one that isn’t from a questionable vendor on the street). Missouri’s Crazy Dog is adding hot dog momentum with their Ultimate Chili Dog, which is slathered in so much chili, cheese, and onions that you can’t actually see the dog underneath. Two thumbs way up.


sausage deep dish pizza

University of Illinois

Where You’re EatingPapa Del’s Pizza

What You’re Getting: Deep Dish Sausage Pizza

This deep dish pizza is so good, it gives Chicago a run for their money (we know this because our hearts stopped beating after catching a glimpse). Papa Del’s deep dish sausage pie will soak up any alcohol you no longer want in your system (it’s science, people) while simultaneously satisfying your every craving. Wipe your mouth kid, you’re drooling.


bbq pizza

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Where You’re Eating: Antonio’s Pizza

What You’re Eating: BBQ Chicken with Onions

Talk about variety. Antonio’s Pizza specializes in the most bizarre and delicious pizza concoctions. Between the tortellini, honey mustard chicken, and avocado quesadilla slice, you could probably  make multiple stops a week and never get the same thing twice. But when it comes to first timers, skip the perusing and go for the BBQ Chicken with Onions. Rest assured – you won’t be disappointed.



University of Minnesota

Where You’re Eating: The Lowry

What You’re Eating: Peanut Butter Waffles

Breakfast food is better when you eat it after 11pm, and University of Minnesota students agree. Local favorite The Lowry is there when students need them most, and their peanut butter waffles hit the spot. Indulge in golden waffles drizzled with melted peanut butter, vanilla custard, candied peanuts, and maple syrup. Yeah, we’re going to Minnesota.


original sailor sandwich

Virginia Commonwealth University

Where You’re EatingJoe’s Inn

What You’re Eating: The Sailor Sandwich

Take a long hard look at all that meat. The Sailor Sandwich from Joe’s Inn may be the only thing saving VCU students from being kicked out for bad behavior – that monster soaks up everything. Piled high with hot pastrami, knockwurst, swiss, and mustard, we’re about ten minutes away from moving down south and gorging ourselves into a luxurious food coma.



Wagner College

Where You’re EatingTony’s

What You’re Eating: Sicilian Pie

Staten Island is good for three things: Italian mobsters that pretend like they aren’t actually in the field, an insane amount of traffic at all times of the day, and pizza. Out of all the pizza places on that tiny little island, Wagner students prefer Tony’s (and not just because it’s about the only place that stays open past 9pm). Grab yourself a slice of Sicilian – or an entire pie – and bask in your cheesy, tomato sauce munchies.

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