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Top 5 Highest Paid Summer Jobs


Higest Paid Summer Jobs

You squint up at the sun, rub your eyes a bit, and feel the familiar warmth on your face as you realize you’re waking from a deep winter hibernation of studying, exams, Pasta Roni, and running marathons….on Netflix.

Suns out, guns out – it’s time to work and make all the money you can this summer for the rising costs of tuition, books, housing, food, and whatever adventures you have in mind.

Even if you’re planning on summer school or some internship, these jobs might make you reconsider.


#5: Construction

Build some muscle and get a fresh tan doing some of the hardest labor known to man. You can average anywhere from $20 – $25 an hour doing construction this summer.


Golf Caddy

#4: Golf Caddie

If you have some golf game then you might be able to caddie. These jobs go fast, but golf caddies usually average $200 – $240 a day plus tips! Which can push you up over $300 a day or about $30 an hour. Not bad for walking around the golf course all day.


Wedding Photographer

#3: Photography/Videography

If you have a creative eye and all the gear then you can shoot weddings, events, family portraits, etc. Depending on the demand and your skill level, you can make anywhere from $20 to $35.00+ an hour.



#2: Coding

This is one of the hottest growing demands. Programmers who know what they are doing and “wire in” can easily make $30 an hour. It seems everyone wants to make a website or an app and they are willing to pay for it.

Sales Vivint

#1: Sales

Nothing compares to the earning potential of sales. We found a booming tech company – Vivint – who has about 4,000 college aged sales reps that sell either home security, home automation, wireless internet, or solar during the summer – their rookie reps make anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 a summer! What! That’s no typo – some of their 1st year reps have made six figures in 4 months of work. We called Vivint to verify the earnings and we were impressed! They also told us their reps earn prizes and trips along the way.

They also still have some openings for this summer – you can email them at summerjobs@armarketing.com and mention your name and state.


[Photos via Shutterstock.com]                    [post sponsored by Vivint]

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