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2015 Oscar Nominated Movies: Synopsis, Plots & Trailers


Oscars 2015

The 2015 Oscars are just around the corner and we’re making our predictions (and placing some bets). In case you haven’t sat through every nominated film out there, we’re dishing out the details on the eight Best Picture nominees. Who’s snagging that little gold trophy? You decide.

American Sniper

Bradley Cooper straps on a military uniform in American Sniper, where he plays Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. Kyle earned a legendary reputation as the most lethal sniper in the world with 160 confirmed deaths. The film follows his four tours of duty, life with his wife and three children, and ultimate demise.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Michael Keaton makes an ironic comeback in Birdman playing Riggan, a washed-up actor who once played iconic superhero. Attempting to revive his career – and ultimately, his ego – Riggan decides to adapt Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love into a broadway show. Naturally, chaos ensues. But the coolest thing about this film is it’s shot to make it look like one continuous scene.


Director Richard Linklater is garnering a ton of attention for his experimental film project Boyhood, which follows the life of Mason and his family over a twelve year time span. To be honest, not much happens – boy goes to school, boy’s parents divorce, boy gets first kiss, boy goes to college – so maybe don’t see it in theaters. Two and a half hours of nothing happening can be strenuous.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson fans know what to expect: a quirky piece of theatric gold. The Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception. The film focuses around Gustave H, a concierge from a popular hotel in Republic of Zubrowka, and his best friend, lobby boy Zero Moustafa. If you’re not a fan of Anderson’s style, or hate The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom, skip out on this one.

The Imitation Game

The gorgeous Kiera Knightley stars alongside fellow Brit Benedict Cumberbatch in this biopic about mathematician Alan Turing, who helped solve the Enigma code during WWII and was later persecuted for his sexuality. It’s basically a history lesson, but hey, Kiera Knightley is in it! So who really cares?


Selma revives Martin Luther King Jr. and gives an inside look at the Civil Rights Movement, specifically the epic 1965 walk from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Another history lesson, but fascinating nonetheless.

The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking brilliance and personal life with with Jane take center stage in this biopic. Kind of a snoozefest, considering their love story is the main plot point, but hearing Hawking’s musings on space is pretty dope.


This one’s for the rock fans. Andrew, a talented young drummer, enrolls at a crazy music conservatory where he’s mentored by this awesome dude named Fletcher. Whiplash is an all-around great flick, and the music is awesome.

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