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Rob Gronkowski Chugs Beer, Sprays Champagne During Patriots Parade [PHOTOS]


Rob Gronkowski

We’ll be updating this post with new Gronk antics from the Patriots Parade today. We start with this first photo, a fan at the New England Patriots parade celebration party threw Rob Gronkowski a Busch Light. And Gronk drank it.

This was bound to happen. As was the spike he probably threw after finishing the beer.

Gronk’s antics now continue. We’re just getting started.

gronk patriots parade photos champagne

Now things are starting to progress wonderfully. Here we find Gronk with a little wardrobe change.

Rob Gronkowski 69 jersey

Gronk, just make it to end bro. Hang in there.

Gronk Patriots Parade

Annnnd now he’s stopped humping the Duck Boat and moved to the front of Duck Boat.

Gronk Duck Boat

Now another fan seems to have thrown him a Bud Light. He opened it with his teeth and then spiked it on the ground. This is a can’t stop won’t stop kind of party that even we as New Yorkers can get behind.



Gronk Crowd

The parade is over but the party’s just begun. We’ll keep updating this post with all the great Gronk content you can expect.

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