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Two Irish Bros Sneak Into Super Bowl, Sit In 4th Row Next To Super Bowl Champion


Super Bowl Lead

It seems like every year someone manages to sneak into the Super Bowl, but this time it required a little luck of the Irish–and some pretty big balls. Hat tip to The Independent.

Two Irishmen, Paul McEvoy and Richard Whelan, who are both surprisingly huge Seattle Seahawks fans booked a flight to Arizona with one catch: they didn’t have actual Super Bowl tickets. The plan was to scalp some at the front, but that’s where they learned that Super Bowl XLIX tickets were the most expensive ever. They’d already decided that something as simple as “cost” wasn’t going to keep these two from glory.

Ireland Super Bowl Sneak

First they did an interview with the NFL Network outside of the stadium in an attempt to get free tickets (photo above). No dice.

So they did what any enterprising dude would do: they snaked it til they made it.

“Our game plan was to be super confident,” Richard told RTE Radio One Morning Ireland. “We just thought if we pretend we belong there, nobody will question us.” It’s a trick as old as time, and once again worked out.

“Between one layer of security and another we just walked in behind these 20 first aid workers, straight up to the front door and hid in behind them. Paul was looking at his phone, pretending to text me, as if we had just popped out to look at an email we got or something. We walked past another security guard that just wasn’t paying attention. We could see the field then, the stadium and the atmosphere was insane.”

Paul then made an announcement to the world that is so Irish it hurts:

But the story gets even better.

As Richard and Paul started seat hopping for the first half of the game, they eventually told a stranger what they had done. That same stranger informed the two that there were two girls sitting behind him who were in the Halftime Show and wouldn’t be coming back for the second half.

So who do they end up sitting next to? Lawyer Milloy, safety for the Seattle Seahawks last year when they won the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Irish

“So we ended up in the fourth row, sitting beside a former Super Bowl champion Lawyer Milloy who gave us a play-by-play of the game. It was pretty cool to have the Super Bowl champion sharing all the details.”

And we’re not done yet.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.15.09 AM

After getting a photo of the Patriots mascot rocking their flag, Paul and Richard skipped the lines to leave the stadium and hopped on a VIP bus.

And thus ends the story of two Irish bros who won the Super Bowl. Serious tip of the cap to you both.

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