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New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Trailer


Call of Duty Havoc DLC weapons, Call of Duty Havoc DLC maps, Call of Duty Havoc DLC zombies

Watch the new trailer for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Havoc DLC” which shows exactly what gamers will receive when they buy the Downloadable Content. Four new maps (Core, Drift, Sideshow, and Urban), new weapons, and a new Exo Zombies game mode.

The Havoc DLC will be available on Xbox Live on January 27th.

Call of Duty Trailer

“Havoc DLC” New Maps

Core Map Havoc DLC


Drift Map Havoc DLC


Sideshow Map Havoc DLC


Urban Map Havoc DLC, havoc new map


Call of Duty Trailer

havoc dlc, AE4 Directed Energy Assault Rifle, havoc AE4 Directed Energy Assault Rifle

“Havoc DLC” New Gun

AE4 Directed Energy Weapon

Call of Duty Trailer

Exo Zombies

Call of Duty “Exo Zombies” Game Mode

Exo Zombies Characters

News of Exo Zombies has been slowly rolling out since the Havoc DLC got a release date, but we now see some new footage of the gameplay as well as being introduced to the new characters.


“Lillith” – Rose McGowan – IT Specialist


“Oz” – John Malkovich – Janitor


“Decker” – John Bernthal – Security Guard

Mr Kahn

“Mr. Kahn” – Bill Paxton – Executive

CEL-3 Cauterizer

Exo Zombies Gun: CEL-3 Cauterizer

In addition to the character introduction and gameplay footage, the new trailer also revealed a special weapon that will be used in Exo Zombies: The CEL 3 Cauterizer. It’s a triple-barreled energy shotgun that looks to do some serious damage.

Exo Zombies Gameplay

There’s a few things that we learned from the new Exo Zombies gameplay video.

• First of all, from the video it looks like the zombies are going to be very fast. Even zombies who have had their legs blown off by grenades will be able to use their booster packs to crawl fast.

• Second, it looks like the game will progress with various security access codes (look at the CEL-3 Cauterizer photo on the bottom left).

• Third, objects (such as turrets) can be placed down in the game. It also looks like players will be able to use various abilities depending on which Exo suit they use.

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