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CES 2015: Best New 4K TVs From Samsung, LG, Philips, Roku


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The Consumer Electronics Shows 2015 (CES) is a great place to learn about the best upcoming 4k televisions and concepts being released in the future.

Brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Haier, and even Roku have brought their newest toys to Las Vegas this week to show the world and we’ve picked out the five best televisions from CES to show you.

Remember: some of what you see will actually be in stores sometime in 2015, some of it won’t–and the stuff that is may be out of your price range. But it’s always nice to look.

ces best televisions, ces samsung, suhd televisions

SUHD Television – Samsung

Release Date: Unknown | Pricing: Unknown

Samsung will be revealing their newest feat in televisions, the SUHD TV. We don’t want to pretend like we know what the “S” stands for, but it’s hoping it’s something like “Super,” and not “Samsung.” But names don’t really matter when the product you’re showing off can display one billion colors, 64 times more than existing models of televisions.

The big reason the SUHD will be able to pull this feat off is because of the “quantum dot” technology Samsung patented last year. Here’s what that really means:

“Quantum dot refers to semiconductor nanocrystals whose dimensions are smaller than 10 nanometers. (A nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter.) Using this display material, a TV can reproduce more accurate colors and, unlike light-emitting diodes (LED), lasts longer as it doesn’t degrade from humidity and oxidation.” [source]

The television is reportedly being shown in 65, 78 and 88-inch models.

We’re guessing that it will be powered by Samsung’s newest operating system, Tizen.

LG 77EG9900

Curving Ultra HD OLED TVs – LG

Release Date: 2015 | Pricing: Unknown

LG has debuted a host of amazing HD OLED TVs at CES 2015, but the one that’s really caught our attention is the 77-inch model: the 77EG9900.

That is the OLED television LG claims will be able to curve or go flat at the touch of a button. It features 4K technology, as well as passive 3D offering what C-NET has called “best 3D experience yet.” We’re just excited to see the thing in action.

roku 4k television, roku ces, roku tcl

Roku 4K TV – TCL, Haier, Insignia

Release Date: Spring 2015 | Pricing: Unknown

We’ve learned that Roku–the world’s best set top streaming device*–will be getting into the television game big time in 2015. In addition to making new models with TCL (a current partner), they’ll be partnering up with hardware manufacturers Haier and Insignia to come out with some amazing new products this spring.

Pricing and sizes are unknown at this time, although we can report that the Insignia televisions have been described as inexpensive.

It seems like the future of Smart TVs are fast approaching.

panasonic 4k, ces best televisions

Panasonic UHD Televisions

Release Date: Unknown | Pricing: Unknown

Panasonic will be releasing a line of nine UHD televisions they claim are “the most accurate consumer televisions in the world.” Everyone’s a little upset that they killed their line of plasma televisions, but we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Panasonic is still in the game.

Pricing and sizing information is still not available yet. It will feature Panasonic’s Life+Screen smart TV platform.

CES Haier

Modular Television – Haier

Release Date: Unknown | Pricing: Unknown

We saved arguably the most interesting developments to come out of CES television news for last. Haier has announced that they’ll be showing off a modular television–able to be modified and improved as time goes on–concept at CES 2015. The idea is that the television can be upgraded from full HD to 4K, just by replacing a component in the back.

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