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WATCH: Kid Destroys Dollar Store, Teaches Everyone Word “Jit” [VIDEO]


Jit Dollar Store

There’s obviously something seriously wrong going on with this “jit*” but that couldn’t stop us from losing it when the guy recording this punk’s meltdown threatened to end his life if he hit him with that umbrella.

* And just in case you’re wondering what a “jit” is, UrbanDictionary tells me that it’s a “a young muthaf*cka that don’t know sh*t.”

jit kid dollar store, jit definition

And now for a transcript of the whole encounter, provided by redditor /u/wily_jack.

narrator: boy we got a jit goin ham in the dollar store. i’m talkin bout jit is goin ham in the dollar store. believe that. i’m talking bout, jit is mad, jit don’t got no family, jit say fuck this shit. definitely, cereal everywhere, jit is crazy.

narrator to someone offscreen: i wanna know whose jit this is bruh. jit is just goin ham, you see him?

narrator: i ain’t caught nothin like this in a while. ay i’m talkin bout bruh like, jit… (laughing) aw jit going, don’t nobody know whose jit this is bruh like… (laughing)

person offscreen: ay jit!

narrator to the kid: ay jit! like…

narrator: jit is goin ham in this bitch. we is in dollar store, ay jit goin ham man, look at this shit.

(kid raises umbrella)

narrator to the kid: you hit me with that you gon’ lose your life, that ain’t doin shit, yea

narrator: look at this shit, the man in the store don’t even know what to do. ay youtube, well you hit me boy, i’m gon’ youtube it for real. this jit need his ass beat. i’m talkin bout, i’m tellin you like, this jit goin ham like, jit done went in the back of the store dog. jit tryna tear up some shit. thats what i told em,

narrator to the kid: jit man, you finna get…

narrator: jit going ham, look. fuck this shit! o shit man, boy jit goin ham, boy they can’t stop him. he goin to jail, jit momma gon’ have to pay for all this shit for real, jit done fucked up the store.

woman offscreen: uh uh, he ain’t goin nowhere.

narrator: what, the police?

(can’t understand woman offscreen)

narrator: he done got tired.

narrator to the kid: jit, jit, jit, stop man, don’t knock no more down, you done made your point god damn, god damn, you fin-

kid: get back! i’m not afraid to do it!

enforcer: glad you ain’t afraid cause i ain’t either, let’s go

woman: we got the police on the way

other woman: that’s right, that’s right. somebody’s gotta to do it

narrator: i told him, that’s what i did to him, he needs his ass whooped. i’ll snatch his ass up in the store, for real.

other woman: somebody needs, his momma or somebody needs to get him.

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