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11 Awesome Gifts for Him That Cost Under $200


Awesome Holiday Gifts
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Whether you’re shopping for your brother, father, uncle, friend, roommate, ex-roommate, or that guy you kinda know, or your boss who you think owes you a raise–picking out the perfect gift is essential. You don’t want to spend half your paycheck, but you want to make sure it’s something they’ll actually enjoy. We’re here to help you find that perfect balance, and make sure the gift you give absolutely kicks ass. Here are our picks for the best gifts for dudes that cost under $200…

 Harry’s Winston Shave Set


If you haven’t been introduced to Harry’s, you’re seriously slacking. The razor itself is better than that cheap (yet overpriced) thing you’tr currently using. Getting refills are as easy as sending a text message. Harry’s also gives 1% of all proceeds to City Year’s New York chapter, which helps tutor and mentor at risk youth. So not only are you giving a good gift, you’re covering yourself with some good karma as well, and that’s never a bad idea. Buy it here… 

BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer


What better gift is there than the gift of DUI-free drinking? Just hook the mouthpiece to your keys, backpack, or whatever else you bring with you to the barstool. This device then links up via bluetooth to your smartphone. You’ll also be given an estimated time until you’ll be sober enough to drive again. Plus, we’re sure you could turn this into one hell of a drinking game–but we obviously don’t encourage that kind of thing. Buy it here… 

Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


Here’s a fun option for guys who prefer staying at home over trying to blow the highest BAC. This is the levitating bluetooth speaker from Om/One, and it freakin’ levitates.  It also puts out some high quality sound from that hovering speaker, and can turn that sweet blacklight room in the frat house into a futuristic blacklight room. Buy it here…

Fitbit Charge


This is a great gift for the guy who wants to get in shape in 2015. The new Fitbit tracks all your movements and calories to help you stay on track, and monitors your sleep schedule–including waking you up with a gentle vibration at the perfect time. Buy it here…

London Undercover Umbrella


The best gifts are the ones that people would never buy for themselves, but will soon be using all the time. This is one of those gifts. We all need a good umbrella, but no one wants to spend over $100 on something you can only use when the weather is lousy. Help a brother out and get it for him. Buy it here… 

Alexander McQueen Skull Socks


Socks are a classic gift–but these socks are truly badass, and are clearly superior to the Hanes socks that you used to get from your grandmother. And if you live in New York you can get same-day delivery from Mr. Porter, which they’ll even package nicely for you. Last minute shopping that looks planned? Yes, please. Buy them here…

Apple TV


Cable is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Help someone upgrade with Apple TV. You can stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and plenty of other apps that will make you wonder why you ever spent so much time watching commercials. Plus you can sync up your other Apple devices–making everything in your life that much more streamlined. Buy it here…

Nixon Time Teller Watch


It’s sleek, it’s manly, and it’s under $100. Nixon makes some damn good watches, and–even with the low price–this one is no exception. We love the minimalist look, and can guarantee this will pair well with a slim-fit suit or your casual streetwear. And every man needs a good, adult watch. Buy it here…

Aldo Thiago Brogue Boots

Aldo Thiago Brogue Boots

These boots are great for any man trying to up his sartorial game for the new year. The sturdiness makes them the perfect casual outdoor boot, while the detailing makes them easy to dress up when necessary. They are also 30% off at Asos right now, which makes them that much better. Buy them here…

Dr. Squatch Natural Soap


Not every gift has to cost a big chunk of change. Dr. Squatch’s line of soaps will smell like the best night of your life–only cleaner. At $6 a bar, you can help your roommate smell better while still giving a thoughtful gift. You can sign him up for the monthly plan at $5 a barf he really needs to step up his hygiene. Yeah, this gift may just be as much for you as it is for him. Buy it here…

GoPro Hero 3


No man in the history of GoPro hasn’t found an awesome use for one of these. You don’t have to be an extreme athlete to have a wild time with a GoPro, either. You just need to think outside the box. Help him record his next house party, his vacation, his incredibly stupid ideas (which are undoubtably fun), and whatever else he deems necessary. There is a reason GoPro has blown up over the last few years. These things are simply (and incredibly) cool. Buy it here…


Still need more ideas and pointers? We have plenty other gift guides for you to check out. Whether you’re looking for the tech lover, some gifts for her (that you can enjoy too), or need more inspiration for the guys on your list, you can head over to Life, Tailored and find something for everybody. Now get out there and give the best damn gifts you’ve ever given–because it means that you’ll likely be given better gifts next year.

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