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Sons of Anarchy Top 10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know


sons of anarchy finale facts

Tonight, the series finale of Sons of Anarchy will air on FX at 10 PM EST capping off a grand total of 92 episodes.

Throughout it’s seven seasons, SOA has gotten more than it’s fair share of attention but we’re guessing that you didn’t know these 10 surprising facts of what actually happened behind-the-scenes.

Find out how to watch Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Finale.

Pediophobia soa

#1: Pediophobia

The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, is afraid of dolls. The disorder–known as pediophobia–was actually given to the character Tig.

soa Happy Lowman

#2: Happy Lowman

Ever wonder why Happy Lowman’s character seems to be the most believable? It’s because he’s played by David Labrava, a real life member of the Hell’s Angels MC. While David refuses to talk about details regarding the Hell’s Angels, photos online can be found where he’s wearing their jacket (or kutte). Originally hired as an advisor, David asked Kurt Sutter for a chance to be on the show, and the rest is history.

All of his tattoos are real, even the smiley face on his arm which is the reasoning for his name.

Sandy Kurt Sutter

#3: Sandy

Kurt Sutter bought 5,000 copies of episode 508 on Amazon Instant for the victims of Sandy who weren’t able to watch it during the storm.

Europa Hotel

#4: Europa Hotel

When SAMCRO head to Northern Ireland, they end up staying at The Europa Hotel–infamous for being the most bombed hotel during the entire Troubles.

SOA Katey Segal behind the scenes

#5: Katey Segal’s got pipes

Katey Segal, the real-life wife of Kurt Sutter, used to be a backup singer for Bob Dylan and Bette Midler. She also claims that at least one song sung by her has been used in each season. Bonus fun fact: her son in real life is named Jackson.

Sons of Anarchy behind the scenes

#6: Other actors on the show own pipes too

Or at least bongs. And yes, that’s Snoop Dogg.

Marilyn Manson on SOA

#7: You Get What You Give

Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson were reunited on Sons of Anarchy for the first time on Season 7 since the hit single “You Get What You Give” by The New Radicals.

sons of anarchy SAMCRO


The show’s original title was actually Forever Sam Crow. S (sons of) A (anarchy) M (motorcycle) C (club) R (Redwood) O (original)

Charlie, sons of anarchy finale

#9: “To be, or not to be”

Ken Sutter explains that the show is loosely based on the play Hamlet, by Shakespeare. Loosely is the key word here.

Rescue Me episode, sons of anarchy

#10: FX is going to feel the hurt

Sons of Anarchy has quickly become FX’s most popular show on the network since Rescue Me.

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