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Cam Newton Car Accident: Must See Photos And Videos


Cam Newton Car Accident, car wreck cam newton

Update: Added videos and photos from the scene of the accident.

According to a report from the Charlotte Observer, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has been in a car accident. The car accident occurred around 12:30 PM on Tuesday afternoon, on the Church Street bridge over I-277 (source).

Witness claim that Cam’s black SUV (pictured below) flipped at least three times after another car cut in front of him.

Witness also report that immediately after the incident, Cam Newton tried to stand up but was unable to do so. He then waited for help to arrive before being carried away in a stretcher, as you see in the photos below. The good news is that Cam could be seen smiling with the first responders and was responsive. The bad news is that he’s proven that he’s clearly not Superman.

Below we’ve embedded photos and video from the scene.

Photos of Cam Newton Car Accident

Belk clothing cam newton

Officers pulled Belk clothing and Beats by Dre headphones out of the car.

cam newton car accident smiling

The good news is that Cam was seen smiling and was responsive.

cam newton car accident

Cam Newton Car Wreck

Cam Newton seen being taken away by stretcher.

Cam Newton Car

This is Cam Newton’s car. As you can see it got wrecked.

Videos of Cam Newton Car Accident

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