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Top 5 Best Nintendo DS Games of All Time – Ranked


The Nintendo DS is one of the most successful handheld consoles of all time. Released in 2004, it produced many top-tier games and inspired other companies to jump into the handheld market, such as Sony. With over 100 different titles to choose from, it can be hard to determine the top 5 games, but as I was tasked with doing so, I will follow through. Without further ado, here are the top 5 Nintendo DS games of all time!

5. Super Mario 64 DS (2004)

Super Mario 64 DS was the Nintendo DS’ launch title and it was a stellar one at that. An enhanced remake of the Nintendo 64 game Super Mario 64, it stars Mario and his friends, as they must rescue Princess Peach from the nefarious Bowser. Players must collect 120 stars in a number of different scenarios and use a variety of skills to outwit their enemies.

Although it is not the most innovative title, Super Mario 64 DS is nevertheless a fun, engaging adventure and a clever remake of the classic game.

4. Mario Kart DS (2005)

It’s safe to say that at first glance, Mario and racing is an unusual combination. But it is a combination that has proven wildly successful since the 1990s, so anything is possible! Once again, players must take part in a series of wild and wacky races, with the choice of playing as either Mario or one of his many pals (or enemies!). Featuring both older and newer tracks, there are enough races to fill up a day!

Once more, Mario Kart DS builds upon an existing concept and it pays off wonderfully. There is enough fun to be had for all ages, to make one shout: “Yahoo!”

3. Pokemon: HeartGold (2010)

It seems like remakes are really getting the short end of the stick here, aren’t they? Don’t despair, as this is a TOP 5 list, so even though there will be no further remakes featured on this list, that is just a testament to how good the next two games are.

As one could have guessed, HeartGold is an enhanced remake of Pokemon: Gold, featuring the Johto region once more as players capture, train and battle the titular Pokemon.

Not only is Pokemon: HeartGold a wonderful reimaging of the original game, it’s a fun game in its own right. The wonder and magic of the first has not at all disappeared.

2. New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

At this point, it seems evident that the Mario series has a love for building upon older concepts and enhancing them for a new audience. New Super Mario Bros. is no exception to this rule, taking the basics of Super Mario Bros. and updating the graphics. And while the concept hasn’t changed much, the fun is amplified! Players have to (once again) rescue Princess Peach as the titular Mario, dodging mushrooms, turtles and even hungry fish!

New Super Mario Bros. is an excellently crafted game with both reverence for the old and an eye for the new. All in all, it’s a great game.

1. Pokemon: Platinum (2009)

And here we have our champion! Pokemon: Platinum, released as part of the fourth Pokemon generation, is to me, the best Nintendo DS game. Traversing through the Sinnoh region, players must once again collect and battle fellow Pokemon, with the aim of being the all-time Pokemon master! Along the way, they must also deal with nefarious enemies and all sorts of surprises.

Platinum features engaging visuals and exciting new twists at every possible turn. Even though there are some changes compared to earlier Pokemon games, it’s nevertheless fantastic.

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