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This is How to Date Someone Based on Their Zodiac Sign


Dating is kind of like a game. Everyone has different tactics and preferences, so it’s hard to know the best way to earn your partner’s attention. In each stage of the relationship, you learn something new about your significant other. 

This guessing game of trying to read how the other person is feeling can get exhausting. It would be much less frustrating if you could just read their minds. Luckily, there’s a way you may be able to understand them better than simply judging their body language – astrology. 

Some people are skeptical about how realistic horoscopes truly are. Regardless of whether you believe astrology is purely coincidental, some people need all the help they can get in the dating world. A recent study by The Black Tux revealed relationship preferences of each zodiac sign, and it’s a total game-changer. 

Attracting a New Partner

Given that 40% of Americans use online dating sites, there is no shame in meeting your partner this way. But online dating is not as straightforward as it may seem. It takes a lot of strategic planning to get legitimate matches. 

Most signs say the most important component of a dating profile is the ‘about me’ section, so put a lot of thought into how you present yourself. Aries are an outlier here and say someone’s photos are make or break. The biggest photo turn off is either a photo with a filter, a partying picture, or an unclear group shot. 

Once you get a match, you must perfect your opening line to really get their attention. Most signs say they prefer a joke or a simple hello, but Sagitarriuses respond most to a question. 

Planning the First Date

After a little bit of conversation, it’s time to take your relationship outside of the digital world and meet them in person. The first date is arguably the most stressful part of a relationship. There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect way to make a strong first impression. 

A casual dinner is always a safe bet, in fact it’s the preferred first date of all 12 signs. But if you’re looking to branch out a little more, try an activity or something outdoors. Regardless of what you choose to do during your meetup, put your best foot forward and go in with a good attitude. 

The Progression of Dating

You’ll learn the most about a partner in the downtime you spend with them while dating. Still, their zodiac sign can give you a clue as to what you’re in for. There’s nothing wrong with being high maintenance, but it does take a special person to date certain signs. 

The hardest signs to date are said to be Capricorns, Aries, and Cancers. Capricorns are the sign most likely to feel jealous. Aries are the least likely to apologize first in an argument (only 58% say they will). Cancers are the most concerned with physical appearance – or at least the most likely to admit that physical appearance is important in a relationship. 

Important qualities to all signs are communication and trust. Other significant aspects include the basics – love, respect for each other, physical attraction, etc. Knowing a person’s single most important quality in a relationship is an easy way to improve your relationship. Focus your energy on improving yourself in that aspect and in turn, your relationship will improve

Planning the Wedding

If things go really well, you’ll be celebrating the happiest day of your life before you know it. But before you get there you have to plan the perfect wedding, and you may not agree on everything along the way. 

The size of the wedding and wedding party seem to be related to zodiac sign. Capricorns, Aquarians, and Libras are the most likely to have a small wedding with 25 or fewer guests. Libras are also the most likely to elope, with 22% of them saying they’d be open to it. Pisces, Tauruses, and Virgos want the biggest weddings with 50 to 100 guests and 3 to 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

This resource is not a strict guide that has to be followed step by step. But it is a helpful tool when trying to navigate a relationship. Love is a very complicated concept, but in the end when you find your person and your happily ever after, it will all be worth it.

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