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Harvard University Produces the World’s Wealthiest Graduates


We all know that Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The alumni list reads like a who’s who of businessmen, businesswomen, politicians, and celebrities, and it looks like going to the Ivy League school certainly has its payoff.

In a recent list released by the 2019 University Ultra-High-Net-Worth Alumni Rankings, it was revealed that Harvard produces the world’s wealthiest graduates.

The UHNW ranks the wealthiest grads in the world and Harvard was far ahead of the second-place school.

Harvard has approximately 13,650 UHNW alumni worth $4.769 trillion, nearly double Stanford University. The California university has an estimated 5,580 UHNW alumni worth $2.899 trillion. The University of Pennsylvania sits at No. 3 with an estimated 5,575 UHNW alumni worth $1.780 trillion.

From the New York Post:

Just five public universities made the rich list, including the University of California at Berkeley (2,385 worth $760 billion), UCLA (1,945 worth $375 billion) and the University of Texas at Austin (2,195 alumni worth $463 billion).

So, sure, while attending an Ivy League school such as Harvard may cost an arm and a leg, it is clear that if you come away successful that you could end up being one of the wealthiest people in the world — so get to studying.

Oh, and for what it is worth, Harvard also has the largest endowment in the world.

“Harvard’s endowment, the University’s largest financial asset, is a perpetual source of support for the University and its mission of teaching and research. The endowment is made up of more than 13,000 funds; the two largest categories of funds support faculty and students, including professorships and financial aid for undergraduates, graduate fellowships, and student life and activities,” the schools official website states.

Go Crimson.

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