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#KamalaHarrisDestroyed Trends on Twitter After Tulsi Gabbard Exchange at Debate


One of the biggest shots landed during the CNN Democratic Debates came when Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard went after California Congresswoman Kamala Harris over her record as a prosecutor. Gabbard hit Harris with some damning facts about incarceration for minor offenses while also bringing up concerns over blocking evidence for prisoners who were on death row.

As a result, #KamalaHarrisDestroyed became a trending topic on Twitter early Thursday morning.

The trend taking aim at Harris comes at a time when Gabbard was the most searched candidate from Wednesday night’s debate. Gabbard’s shining moment came during the exchange with Harris where she came prepared with the numbers.

“She put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana,” Gabbard said of Harris “She blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California.

“The bottom line is, Senator Harris, when you were in a position to make a difference and an impact in these people’s lives, you did not. And worse yet, in the case of those who were on death row, innocent people, you actually blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so.”

It was a strong moment for Gabbard, who is looking to break through and qualify for the September debates, but some pundits and social media commentators are questioning the authenticity of the #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag.

As you might expect, some are claiming that the Russians are interfering and pushing propaganda to bring down Harris, who was one of the top candidates in the polls.

Check out some of the comments below.

The #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag is primarily MAGA supporters and bots.

That, plus further researching Tulsi Gabbard has me pretty convinced that Tulsi is a plant for the right and the 2020 version of Jill Stein.

— Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) August 1, 2019

Russian bots are trending #KamalaHarrisDestroyed, but guess who self-destroyed by defending Putin and attacking Mueller before his report and testimony were public?

That's right: @TulsiGabbard

Come at me, Congresswoman. Explain your lovefest for Assad?pic.twitter.com/1K9X9DDt5P

— Grant Stern (@grantstern) August 1, 2019

Reporters writing their stories with eyes on the modern-day assignment desk of Twitter, read this:

"The Russian propaganda machine that tried to influence the 2016 election is now promoting the presidential aspirations of a controversial Hawaii Democrat"https://t.co/2kpKQqW3Ir

— Ian Sams (@IanSams) August 1, 2019

Most of #KamalaHarrisDestroyed tweets are coming from Trumps MAGA and Russian bots, like I said yesterday Kamala Harris is the Front Runner not Joe Biden. This is the clearest indication of whom Putin and Trump are both scared of. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate2020 pic.twitter.com/bWE47HBrHy

— #ObamaBestEver (@lordxmen2k) August 1, 2019

Weird. I wonder how both #KamalaHarrisDestroyed is trending AND Tulsi was the most searched candidate in EVERY STATE last night? Every state. Come on..

Folks. Russia is not going to stop and #MoscowMitch or Trump is not going to stop them. pic.twitter.com/TUeuuE9GcT

— Andy French (@AndyNFrench) August 1, 2019

check out the #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag and watch prog cognitive dissonance being sperged out.

the first outlet to call her the one big loser of the debates was far-right white nationalist outfit Vox:https://t.co/C3g4YlOE1X

— Michael Malice (@michaelmalice) August 1, 2019

Whether Gabbard is able to achieve the necessary requirements for the September debates remains to be seen, but she certainly has momentum in her corner. The next Democratic debates which require at least 2 percent in four national polls and 130,000 unique donors will be held on September 12 and September 13.

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