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SDCC 2019 Preview: Upcoming TV Shows, Movies & Animations


The most prominent science fiction convention of the year is coming up pretty soon. The conference will plan to showcase some of the biggest upcoming TV shows and Films while also allowing fans to meet some of there favorite artists. It will begin on Thursday, July 18th and will end the following Monday, July 22nd.

With so much to see in so little time, it can be confusing as to what to look for. In this article, we will go over some of the most anticipated shows and pannels that one can expect when heading out to the hottest part of San Diago.


Drawling for animation


Animation fan is some of the most passionate people. They have a near undying love for the medium. This is why the two main drawls in the showcase for animation are sure to amaze fans.

Steven Universe (Movie)

One of the best-acclaimed shows from Cartoon Network and with one biggest fandom in recent years, the hype for anything related Steven Universe is pretty big. Although the series has seen much in the way of hiatus, a made for tv movie was announced a while ago. Perhaps Comic-Con will be the place to showcase more information.

Rick and Morty (Season 4)

Considered to be one of the most popular programs on adult swim since Aqua Teen Hunger Force, A brand new season has the potential to be shown off. This will be quite surprising seeing how it was rumored for the past few months if another season would even be possible.

Marvel & DC Projects

Mavel and DC characters (mostly marvel)


Where would the “Comic” be in Comic-Con without the showcase of some the upcoming newest comic book adaptation projects?


The DC universe App has had some surprising success in recent time. Therefore the possibilities for new series to add content to the streaming service will be exciting. Although so far it there is not too much information on what can be specifically expected. Furthermore, there might also be more information regarding the upcoming Joker film.


After the massive success of Avengers Endgame and most recent Spiderman Far From Home, Marvel news has more hype behind the matter than anything else in the convention. So far the most that can be expected is talk about “The fourth phase.” This phrase is what Marvel President Kevin Feige calls the next series of new films. Some these can include Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, and a stand-alone Black Widow film.


Netflix showcase


On the most essential streaming service of them all, it can be expected to see some brand new content coming up for the service.

The Witcher (Series)

Based on Bioware’s popular RPG open-world series, The Witcher has had a talk for a while about a potential series adaptation. One that will star the current superman himself, Henery Cavill. Although indeed live-action series based on video games may not have a strong reputation, the hopes are still there from fans alike when seeing whats to come.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal is a film from 1982 that has gained a cult following for its innovated puppeteer work and compelling story. Now a prequel to the series is said to be released on Netflix. There has already been a trailer released as well as a tie in video game said to release on the Nintendo Switch. However, to gain more information would certainly pique the curiosity of Dark Crystal fans.

Other TV

Other tv shows to talk about



Season 3 of Westworld (titled “Westworld III) will be expected to show more of whats in-store with a new trailer to debut. Also, there will be a panel for Game of Thrones that will include much of the cast of the final season. Although considering the mixed reception of the last season, it’s quite a mystery what the panel could be about.


The two most prominent presentations that plan to be presented are Carnival Row, a show that will take place during the steampunk era that will star Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevinge. The other show is the long await 4th season of “The Expanse.”


The First of new releases on the channel is the TV series adaptation of Creepshow. Based on the Stephen King written series this series will feature a panel of the shows cast and will likely present new information regarding what’s to come. The second series that is planned to be displayed is the next season of Preacher. So far only details on the upcoming antagonist are all that we know, but perhaps that might change once the panel begins.

The CW

There is actually three show that can be expected to hear news about. First is an upcoming Batwoman series that will become a new addition to the CW dc universe. The next is the next season of the very long-running series Supernatural. Lastly is more information regarding that of Riverdale.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator to show Dark Fate


Lastly, which ironically will be one of the first things presented at the convention is a pannel on the next Terminator installment. There actually hasn’t been too much on an emphasis on films that weren’t at least related to comic books.

So far, this film is the closest to gaining this attention. The panel will feature several of the cast members including the possibility of Arnold Schwarzenegger showing up as well (although there is no confirmation).

More information and details about these panels and more can be found on the Comic-Con Website.

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