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Amazon Prime Day Concert Live Stream 2019: How to Watch Online


It’s that time of the year for Amazon Prime to releases some of its highest sales and savings of the year. However, that might only be the least of everyone’s interest. While the sales will start on the 15th of July Amazon Prime has big plans to live stream a concert that will feature several performances from some of the grandest people in the music industry.

This will happen much sooner as it will premiere on the 10th of July (which at the time of this article is tomorrow).

In this article, we will take a look at what’s in store, and where/how to find everything one might seek.

Who You Can Expect

Tayolr Swift as a fetured artist


The concert will be hosted by Jane Lynch and will feature performers such as electric pop artist Dua Lipa, Hip Hop artist Becky G, Alternative R&B artist SZA, and perhaps the most anticipated performer Pop Artist Taylor Swift.

They will be performing some of there of the most recent hits, which will gain much attention for music fans and members of the service. A perfect example as to how music and streaming services connect like bread and butter.

This is sure to be an ambitious event for the company that could either make or break the success of more to come in the future, as this is the first time they have attempted to create such a grand celebration.

How & Where To Stream

Where to watch stream


As you might expect, this concert will be exclusive to Amazon Prime Members as it will begin at 9 p.m during the eastern-central time. It will be at 6 P.M during the pacific time.

As stated at the beginning, this will premiere on July 10th, and select songs/performances will be available to view for a limited time once the concert ends if one can not see it in time.

Amazon Prime can be streamed on any mobile device or any other venue of streaming, whether that be Fire TV, Echo Show, or any gaming systems that allow amazon prime to run.


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