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LISTEN: Lil Dicky Drops Incredible Freestyle on ‘Sway in the Morning’


Lil Dicky stopped by “Sway in the Morning” on Wednesday, June 26 and dropped an incredible freestyle for his fans. Lil Dicky went off the dome to drop his whimsical and free-flowing bars that left fans impressed with his skills on the mic.

Lil Dicky previously stopped by “Sway in the Morning” for a freestyle that has 20 million views on YouTube and this time he goes right in on the beat for a non-stop, melodic flow that still keeps his comedic charm.

“The only Percocet I f*ck with is breasts,” he raps, continuing: “rapping in France, I never need an advance, I switch it up like I’m trans / although I’m the Trojan Man, I’m eating the p*ssy like cervical cancer.

“All my fans are getting mad at me, they just want to hear me spazzing out. I just had to put some smashes out, how is this sh*t a pop star, rap name is a dick joke, how did he make it this far?”

You can check out the freestyle and lyrics below.

Lil Dicky ‘Sway in the Morning’ Freestyle Audio & Lyrics

Lil ‘ol dick and I’m back in this b*tch
I know y’all know when I rap (What it is?)
All facts, don’t fib, got a gang full of hits
In touch with the kids like a pedo (Ugh)
I’ma jam like Shaq, I’ma bang when I wish
Up in this b*tch like a fetus
Ain’t no timelines when you timeless
Hold up, MJ ’96, meaning I’m back on my bullsh*t
You know I come hard like a full dick
Suburban and white –whip
Stay with some bread like I’m cool whip though
Look how it spread, cool whip flow
I can make ‘em write with an IG live
And my girl got bombs on her bod (Jihad)
And between her legs is lookin’ right (Hypotenuse)
Ugh, break it all down
Hold up, Sway, let me bring it all down
Been out here, citizenship
Look how I got everybody tuned in right now
They’d probably watch this for a hour
Tracy, I brought you flowers
Gas out the ass like flatulence
I was slept on like mattresses
I got my head right aspirin
I’m cashin’ in, I’m cashin’ in
I’m not about to hold a paper and display it like a thumbtack
No touchback, they about to run this back
And if you ever met me, you’d root me for me
Sharpe sh*t comin’ out my dome, I’m a unicorn
Pardon my breath
Only perky set I f*ck with is breasts
Elevator kissin’ hoes at the Ritz
Freaky Friday, get in ‘em like Chris (Wait)
Sway, pass me the rock
Get it, post, jab, up fake (Huh)
Jump and I’m –two shots at the line
I got em –like a mime
Odell Beckham, might cut on a dime
Glow in the dark, see me any time
I used to put the Xbox controller on my dick and let it vibrate (How I jerked off as a child)
Came a long way
Now I’m like “Ey, girl. You. Me. F*ck?”
And that sh*t work (Hey!)
Her brother lookin’ at me like, “Hey, f*ck her bro!”
Sway! Her brother lookin’ at me like, “Hey, f*ck her bro!”
I’m like Kareem Abdul, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
These hooks got me scorin’, see me comin’ from afar
Rappin’ in France, I never need an advance
I’m switching it up like I’m trans
Although I’m the Trojan man, I’m eating the pussy like cervical cancer
I know where I’m going sh*t but if my GPS died I’d sleep in
My sedan
I can’t do the Shmurda dance
I get caught up, lookin’ awkward (Y’know?)
Sometimes I’ll catch it for a minute
OJ with it, y’all wonder how I did it
My mom hit me once, she’s lucky I didn’t sue
But I’ll stomp y’all out like Ndmakong Suh
All the shoe brands wanted me to sign
I remember they thought I was Lonely Island
There will not be another like me
I could go viral if I put out a snippet
I’m sick like a cold, you really could get it
I always be playin’, just like I’m embedded
I got a leg up like ottomans, though
My television show is coming but that is irrelevant
Right now I’m wrappin like presents get
How did I get here?
I got big rappin like Diddy, I’m prevalent
Hold up let me find a melody
All my fans are getting mad at me
They just wanna hear me spazzin’ out
But I just had to put a couple smashes out
How is this sh*t a pop star?
Rap name is a dick joke
How did he make it that far?
Good pussy at the crib like a housecat
They waitin’ on my buzz like the outback
In-and-out with the bag like I make tea
When I do shopping sprees
Eyebrows long like AD
Girls get wet like Navy
Pull up like I’m Steph and she’ll cream
Players in the NBA text me
If I want a Diet Coke, someone brings me Diet Coke
All my live shows nuts, like I expose testicles
Hold up, wait, Let me ad-lib my sh*t. (Oh yeah yeah)
Look at my penmanship (I write this)
I’m a Carl’s Jr. model (for real)
Just on the side like soccer moms
I could have sold you stock and bonds
Happened so fast like Ramadan, the Autobahn
DeSean been runnin’ down the bomb from Carson’s arm
I’m off the farm, I’m on the court, the jumbotron is on the boy
They playin’ my song, LeBron is nodding (Am I James Worthy?)
Look at my bars, I made off like Bernie. (Ooh!)
Oh, we having fun
Girls see me and start blushing just because I’m around
I used to always get a boner at my physical, Sway
If this is cultural appropriation, what can I say?
What would you have me do?
You know I gotta rap, But the times now are scary
Hold up, wait, take a step back
Dave, think about this sh*t
Internet is a permanent place, this is gonna live forever
Uh, breathe, analyze, think about everything
I’m such an idiot!
I used to cover R. Kelly songs at my shows without even knowing it was problematic
I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny
What I do?
Act more Jewishly
C’mon Sway, write my eulogy
Am I lookin’ like I need to get a job?
Or lookin’ like I need a bodyguard?
I play tennis with Leonardo
How y’all train on track like cargo
I go dumb, don’t dumb it up
Don’t f*ck on planes, but I’m coming up
Add up my views to sum it up
I was just on Sportscenter, dun-dun-dun
I think this is good, I’ve done enough
My haters look like mad like, “Son of a-“
Now let me go and finish up my album
Jussie Smollet, you know I’ma f*ck it up
And I’m out
And I’m gone
And I leave
And I’m out, gone
And I’ve gotta catch a flight
Thank you all for having me…

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