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Former Miss Wyoming USA Holly Allen Will be Must-See TV on ‘Big Brother’


Holly Allen is a cast member of the 21st season of the CBS reality series Big Brother. Holly is one of 16 new competitors who will be competing for the $50,000 prize when the series premieres on Tuesday, June 25.

The 31-year-old from Wyoming currently lives in Los Angeles, Californi and is a “Wine Safari Guide.” Holly is a former Miss Wyoming USA and was first runner-up in Miss USA 2011. Holly attended California State University Chico and earned a degree in business and marketing. Her family owns and operates the Wind River Mountains ranch in Wyoming.

She describes herself as “Spontaneous, sarcastic, and relentless.”

While a number of houseguests entering the Big Brother house have favorite past contestants, Holly has not been a longtime fan of the show. She is also playing her cards close to her chest and not giving any insight into her strategy entering the show.

“I haven’t watched it enough to have a favorite,” she said in her official CBS bio. “I live on my phone. I’m a millennial. That will admittedly be a struggle. I have plenty of strategies already stacked up. Plan A-Z.”

For more photos of Holly Allen, check out the pictures below and be sure to head on over to Instagram and click follow to join the growing list of just over 50,700 fans who can’t wait to see her next move.

Loving my former Miss Wyoming USA Holly Allen's amazing new pics! She's ready to kill it this fall! @MissHollyAllen pic.twitter.com/9e70ZE5gs2

— Richie Walls (@richiewalls) September 18, 2013

#GirlsLOVEtravel member @misshollyallen during Death Valley's amazing super bloom for #Wanhttps://t.co/0OVoFb79wr pic.twitter.com/RBT0wDhPyW

— Girls LOVE Travel® (@girlsLOVEtravel) March 24, 2016

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Helps people get drunk AND helps animals??? I think she SNAPPED! Holly Allen. She’s 31 years old currently living in Los Angeles but her hometown is Lander, Wyoming. She’s a wine safari guide. Three words to describe her are “spontaneous, sarcastic, and relentless.” She fosters dogs and likes wine. She admits she’s a millennial and going to struggle without her phone. She once rolled off a 30 ft cliff in a pickup truck and survived. “Oh heck yeah. Oh heck yeah” 🤣 “I’m not a crier normally!” “I do get along really well with men.” Her family raised her to be honest and she said she’s going to try to start alliances and start real, genuine trust. She’s very trusting, she wants others to trust her but doesn’t want that to be a disadvantage. No boyfriend. Wants to use money to take parents to whatever destination they want. She grew up on a ranch so she’s used to no electricity and no communication. She road trips and flies a lot. She doesn’t like “catty girls.” #bb21 #bigbrother #bb #bigbrother21 #hollyallen

A post shared by BIG BROTHER 21 👁‍🗨 (@bigbruther21) on

It is #VoterRegistrationDay and I support @RocktheVote! Register to vote at http://t.co/tkhLd8c1 #MissUSARocksTheVote pic.twitter.com/FDK3Maeo

— Holly Allen (@MissHollyAllen) September 25, 2012

Where Dom Pérignon is of unlimited supply… #girlsnight #roomie #missuniverse #vegas pic.twitter.com/Ie8YfhBY

— Holly Allen (@MissHollyAllen) December 19, 2012

Sneak peak from yesterday's shoot ;) #nerdout #fun pic.twitter.com/mdDkUZ0a

— Holly Allen (@MissHollyAllen) April 5, 2012

When bae finishes all the guac and then isn’t sure which apology gift will be more effective🌹🍷😂#regram @MissHollyAllen pic.twitter.com/iwecNrWGn6

— Via Florelle (@viaflorelle) September 29, 2018

Season 21 of Big Brother premieres on Tuesday, June 25 on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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