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The 5 Greatest Gifts Your Dad Will Never Regret


As Fathers Day comes within the next week (as of this post), it’s around this time people who have been clustered with work or waited until the last minute to find them a gift, are grasping at straws for ideas. Assuming they’re sick of the same necktie and “Greatest Dad Ever,” the chain of ideas may seem short. Not mention the risk of how little practicality it may be in the future.

That’s where we discuss the five most useful gift Ideas that will not only be a breath of fresh air but prove to have a long and helpful lifespan to their wants and needs.

1. A Stain/Water Proof Shirt

Pollo Shirt to show as example.


While the necktie may seem clique. This form of clothing is an excellent use for all fathers of all interests. These stainless shirts are great for fathers who like to work hard on woodwork projects not worry about sweat affecting their shit, or for those like to take it easy by the lawn and not risk a grass stain.

These shirts are made with a fabric that allows water droplets to run off as opposed to soaking in. They’re also made to be pretty light, so it never feels heavy to wear.

The best brand to look for would be “Alby” as their clothing line is available on Amazon (plus possible shipping and handling) and other retail stores. For an average price of $115.


2. A Multi-Use Tool

A multi tool to show the point.


For the father who is more interested in woodwork projects, fixing small house problems, etc. this device will do a fantastic service to their interest.

These multi-purpose tools can come with as many as 64 bits that include (but not limited to) multiple screwdrivers, a set of pliers, and plenty of pockets knives to pick from.

The best brand to find is  “Gerber Center Drive,” which can be found on Amazon for a fair price of $85 (plus possible shipping and handling)

3. A Fitness Watch

Fitness Watch to show example.


For the father who is trying their best to stay and shape and reclaim their youthful peak, this watch will get them that one jogging step closer to seeing their victory.

The sports watch features GPS technology for being able to track their location so that willn’t be lost, can trace their heartbeat rate to ensure they are reaching the right amount of exercise and can follow their steps to keep their goals running in the right direction.

The best brand for sport-related watches come from “Runtopia” as they can be purchased at retails stores and Amazon (plus possible shipping and handling) for around $79.99. Which is considerably cheaper than most iwatch’s.

4. An Indoor Grill

Indoor grill that shows the idea.


For the father that likes to cook no matter what occasion, this gift is sure to create the best sensations for them and the whole family.

This type of grill is especially useful as it can not only be used inside, which makes pulling out the old bulky machine much more comfortable, but they can be guaranteed of no additional smoke fumes since it uses electricity as opposed to propane.

Furthermore, most brands also come with a lid that can be applied to the grill to prevent any excessive smokey oderes. Which might not be an awful thing, but the thought is careful.

The best brand for this grill is “Bella” as it can be purchased on Amazon (plus possible shipping and handling) for the insanely low price of $49.99.


5. A Frame for Pictures AND Video

Digital Photo Frame


Lastly, this is definitely another general gift idea for all fathers, but the idea of a picture frame is still a nice one. Although I’m sure any standard picture frame would be beautiful enough. The technologies have significantly advanced.

Not only can this type of frame allow you to have a short video or a video of any length to be shown off along the many memories stored upon the shelves. They also can play music too, so that moment seems much more beautiful.

The best brand for this type of frame comes from “Nixplay.” Although on Amazon (plus possible shipping and handling) can be quite pricey for $249.99, the memories to be stored are priceless.

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