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The Perfect Part-Time Jobs for College Students


Looking to earn some extra cash to stay afloat during the semester? Here’s how.

For most, college is the first time people are completely independent and responsible for their own budget and income. The broke college life is one that most of us know all too well, struggling between long nights in the library and impossible exams to afford ramen noodles, let alone any food with real nutritional substance.

While we all know that one person that never has to worry about finances, still living off their parent’s absurdly high weekly allowance, for most of us a part-time job is a must to stay afloat. However, juggling these working hours with attending class, extracurriculars, studying, and maintaining a social life can seem nearly impossible.

hat’s why having a perfect part-time job is a must. It should be a position that doesn’t place too much extra stress on the student but at the same time provides a healthy balance of experience and income. Here are our favorite part-time jobs for college students:


If you love kids, babysitting is a great option for earning a little extra pocket change. These positions are relatively easy to find with the help of sites such as Care.com. And if the kids are low maintenance, you can sometimes get paid just to do your homework! Bonus points if you can find a professor’s kids to babysit – they’re typically extra generous with college students and no need to attend office hours!


Becoming a bartender is almost a rite of passage for college students. We spend our first three years counting down the days until 21 and once we finally reach that coveted milestone, why not spend all the time you can get mixing drinks and mingling? Plus, a recent study found that the average hourly wage for bartenders is $12.63 – significantly higher than the national minimum wage of $7.25. So not only will you get endless access to alcohol, you can also expect a healthy paycheck.

Freelance Writer/Photographer

If you have a knack for content creation, this could be a great way to add to your resume and build up your work sample, all while earning some extra cash. A lot of this work can be done remotely, so you can set your own schedule and work from the comfort of your own apartment. There are ons of companies in need of a few extra hours of assistance without hiring another full-time employee, so put your talents to work!

Fitness Instructor

If you’re a fitness guru, you can save time by combining your part-time job and daily workouts into one! Whether you opt to work for your on-campus gym or recreation center or a local studio, group fitness can be a fast track to both improving both your health and wealth. While this position may require more extensive training and certification than the others, this win-win situation can definitely be worth it for the right person.

Whatever method you chose to avoid the dreaded freezer meals for dinner, always remember that you’re a student first. Between putting in your hours at both work and school, be sure to lock down some time to be yourself, hang out with your friends, and catch some beauty rest! This can seem impossible at times, but at the end of the day, a slight bump in income isn’t worth compromising your grades or health.

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