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Green Bay Packers Legend Bart Starr Passes Away at 85-Years-Old


Legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr has passed away at the age of 85-years-old. Starr passed away in Birmingham, Alabama, on Sunday, May 26.

Starr, born in Montgomery, Alabama, on January 9, 1934, had seen his health deteriorate since suffering a serious stroke back in 2014.

Starr, considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League, played the Packers from 1956 to 1971. Starr became the first quarterback in the history of the league to win National Football League championships.

In an official statement, Starr’s family said that his most recent illness was “too much” for the 85-year-old Green Bay legend to overcome.

We are saddened to share that @packers legend Bart Starr has passed away at age 85. pic.twitter.com/rwQO7GJugd

— NFL (@NFL) May 26, 2019

“We are saddened to note the passing of our husband, father, grandfather, and friend, Bart Starr,” the family’s statement begins.

“He battled with courage and determination to transcend the serious stroke he suffered in September 2014, but his most recent illness was too much to overcome,” the statement continues.

“While he may always be best known for his success as the Packers quarterback for 16 years, his true legacy will always be the respectful manner in which he treated every person he met, his humble demeanor, and his generous spirit,” the official statement reads.

Despite being part of a franchise that includes the likes of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, Starr was perhaps the most beloved player in the history of the iconic Green Bay Packers franchise

At this time, details about funeral processions for Starr have not been disclosed publicly.

The thoughts and prayers of our entire editorial staff are with Starr’s friends, family, and various loved ones during this extremely difficult time.

A message from the family of Bart Starr pic.twitter.com/TmduH0EiZb

— Green Bay Packers (@packers) May 26, 2019

That is all the information that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available at any time. If there is anything that we missed, please feel free to send an email to editor@teamcoed.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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