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Lucky Player Wins $1.6 Million By Playing the Slot Machine


Robert S. kept on tossing and turning in his bed the night that he won more than $1.6 million by simply playing with a slot machine in San Diego last week. He kept on thinking that someone from the casino would give him a call and explain that the machine has probably malfunctioned.

Luckily for this guy, the penny slot machine is working perfectly fine. Robert is a local guy that frequents the Valley View Casino & Hotel in San Diego for five years already. He has never thought of how a penny slot machine can make him an absolute millionaire.

The penny slot machine responsible for Robert’s win is IGT’s Wheel of Fortune Ultra-Wheels. The exact jackpot amount he has won is $1,664,509.91.

The vice president of the said casino, Randy Reedy, said in an interview that he gets really excited when a customer actually wins big. He sees this as an amazing experience when it comes to testing one person’s luck.

Robert now plans on his early retirement, and to invest some of his winnings. Valley View Casino & Hotel alone is also creating good noise in the casino industry. It is undergoing renovations that cost $50 million.

The renovations are expected to be done by the summer of 2019. It is expected that the place will have more restaurants and have an aquarium that is 3,300 gallons in size.

What Does it Take to Hit the Casino Jackpot?

Most big wins on slot machines alone do not exactly have any records of how many rounds winners had to go through to hit the gold. Slot machines results are never programmed and are random, which makes it hard to manipulate the results.

It’s a myth that slots are usually preprogrammed by casino owners and that there are specific times when a machine will have winning and losing streaks. These are all true for both traditional machines that you can find in land casinos and digital machines on the internet.

Speaking of the internet, winning an amount like what Robert did is also possible online. You just need to look for the best online casino that can allow you to win such an amount. Casino Whizz Casino reviews is a good place to start if you’re looking for the best online casino based on your preferences.

Should You Keep on Playing Until You Win?

The easy answer to this would be yes, but this will always depend on your capability of playing in any casinos. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you fully immerse yourself into playing any casino games.

The last thing you want is for gambling to become a problem instead of your favorite past-time. You can keep on playing until you win if you only play casino games during a specific time of the week or month. Staying in the casino for too long can just be a sign of gambling addiction.

Few Tips to Remember When Playing any Casino Games

Whether you’re new to playing casino games or not, here are some important things you should consider before you start playing.

  • Keep track of time

Most land casinos do not have clocks in the gaming areas and this is intentional. It’s a strategy to keep their customers playing and basically lose track of time. If possible, before you start playing, set an alarm as to how long you’re allowing yourself to play a game before you move on to the next or leave the casino altogether.

  • Set a limit

It could be tempting to go all out on your casino budget, especially if you seem to be having a winning streak. However, this could easily let you down and let you lose more than what you have. Some players would leave their ATMs behind before playing to avoid overspending from happening.

  • Don’t drink too much

There are casinos that offer free drinks to their guests, but as much as that sounds so appealing, try to control the amount you’re drinking. Getting drunk can just lead to impulsive decisions, and sudden impulses won’t help you strategize on the games you’re playing.

  • Look for promotions or casinos with good deals

Whether you’re playing online or not, casinos always have something to lure new customers in. A lot of online casinos have sign-up bonuses and continuous promotions for their VIPs. Be sure that you check multiple casinos before you sign-up.

Sign-up bonuses could go as much as 100%, but of course, this is with a maximum amount. The maximum amount can range from $50 to $300. Make sure that you also check on the minimum deposit and amount to build before you’ll be allowed to get your payout.

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