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Ayesha Curry Net Worth 2019: How Much Is Ayesha Curry Worth Now?


Ayesha Curry is an entrepreneur, spokesperson, chef, and family woman. Since 2014 she has worked to establish a brand that accentuates her lifestyle as a loving mother and wife. With a campaign titled “Little Lights of Mine” five years ago, Curry was able to do just that.

Curry’s brand, which initially started as a blog series, has ballooned into a multi-million dollar series of ventures. Curry has built a brand of cooking, writing, modeling, and acting to achieve her net worth which is currently estimated to be about 16 million dollars.

Personal life

Ayesha Curry Net Worth 2019

Steph and Ayesha Curry at the ESPY’s
Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

Curry was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her first passion was acting, and her performance career started at the age of twelve when she featured in a music video “Too Young for Love” by Suga Prince.

Her family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when she was 14. Shortly after that, she met a young man who would eventually become her husband in a church group. The two were just friends at the time.

Shortly after graduation from high school, she moved to Hollywood to pursue her acting career. She appeared on several Disney shows including “Hannah Montana” and “Good Luck Charlie.”

After sparking a relationship with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, she moved back to Charlotte while he was playing basketball for Davidson College.

The couple got married in 2011, and have three children.

Business Ventures

A large part of her professional career is dedicated to her passion for culinary arts. A passion which she says began as a child. Curry said that her curiosity grew as she watched her babysitter prepare meals.

Despite a lack of formal training, Curry burst onto the culinary scene in 2014. She made home cooking videos as part of her “Little Lights of Mine” Youtube series. The series was intended to provide some insight on “everything that brings light” into her daily life. Cooking was just one aspect of the series, but it quickly gained the most traction among her viewers.

Once she took notice of its popularity, the channel became more tailored toward cooking tutorials and demonstrations. In 2016, she received an offer for her own show on the Food Network called “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen.” The show was recorded on location at Curry’s actual family home.

In that same year, she partnered with world-renowned chef Michael Mina to form “International Smoke,” a pop-up shop dedicated to showcase the talents of Curry and formally introduce her cooking style to the world.

After much success with the pop-up venture, the duo decided to continue their partnership in 2017 by opening a full-time restaurant in San Francisco. The new-age eatery is purposed to recreate the feel of a backyard barbecue.

Since then, the franchise has expanded to Houston, Texas and Aventura, Florida with another location set for San Diego in the near future.

Curry has become well-respected in the culinary community. She regularly appears as a judge on various Food Network competition shows.

Ayesha also sells homemade meal kits that deliver fresh ingredients and instructions to your doorstep. The program is for individuals who live a busy lifestyle but like to personally cook their own meals. It eliminates the time needed to physically go to the grocery store.

On her website there are dozens of different types of appliances and supplies. Available for purchase are items ranging from cake pans to comforter sets.

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