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Family Vacation T-Shirts Reimagined for the Targaryens, Skywalkers, and More


Cheesy family vacation t-shirts are not a thing of the past. You’ve probably seen them, yourself: a group of young and old individuals traveling in a pack and all wearing the same brightly-colored t-shirt. The vetement of course has some kind of snappy line or play-on-words related to the family’s surname or vacation spot of choice. It’s almost impossible to miss a group like this at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Sound familiar?

Well, someone decided to create a set of t-shirts for a set of iconic TV and movie families. Fair warning: These shirts do relate to the plot of each TV or movie and therefore might be a spoiler if you aren’t up to date with the storyline. This is a warning to those who still have more Game of Thrones or Star Wars to catch up on — don’t read on if you’re concerned about spoilers.

These graphics come by way of a custom t-shirt company that wanted to reimagine the family traditions of pop culture icons. Below are 3 we thought were especially great, and we would encourage you to look at the others from the collection, which includes Bird Box, Ozark, Rick and Morty, and more.


The Targaryen Family Reunion

game of thrones family t shirt
If you’re a Game of Thrones fan who has kept up with the show, you of course understand the joke to this one. The family trees in this show have immense importance, and it turned out that Jon Snow’s lineage was “a little more tangled and gnarly than he was originally led to believe.” That’s why on the shirt it isn’t so much a family vacation, but more of an unexpected reunion.


The Darth Maul Family Indoor Skydiving Excursion

star wars darth maul family t shirt
Vacations are supposed to be fun, but if you understand the context to this one, you know Darth Maul didn’t end up having fun in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. His trip down the wind shaft in two pieces certainly isn’t the ideal way to indoor skydive, but does make for an interesting t-shirt at the very least.


The Skywalker Family Reunion

star wars skywalker family t shirt
The only thing that would make this t-shirt better would be a classically-designed “Greetings from Tatooine” postcard from Luke Skywalker, himself.

I, personally, would have liked to see a t-shirt created for Leslie and Ben’s family from Parks and Recreation, or Ted Mosby’s family from How I Met Your Mother, but that’s just me. It’s certainly entertaining to imagine what type of vacation your favorite TV or movie family would take, and then how wacky of a group t-shirt they’d create for it.

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