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69-Year-Old (Allegedly) Killed Her Husband For Watching Too Much Porn


Police in Arkansas arrested 69-year-old Patricia Hill for allegedly shooting and killing her husband because he was watching pornography.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Hill, 69, “flew into a rage” after she caught her husband — 65-year-old Frank Hill — watching porn.

Bill James, a lawyer for Hill, said in court that she “lost her mind” after she had discovered that her husband Frank had been ordering pornography on their Dish Network subscription.

After seeing charges for the porn on her bill, Patricia allegedly canceled the channel. However, after she discovered that Frank had re-ordered the channel, she “flew into a rage” and confronted him in his man cave, “knocking over a table that had held Frank Hill’s beer, cigarettes, and other things.”

During this confrontation, she shot her husband twice, leading to his death.

“She told him over and over again to stop, and he said he would but went right back to doing it,” James said in an opening statement on Monday, April 22.

Following the shooting, Frank Hill was taken to the nearby Jefferson Regional Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

When investigating the scene of the crime at the Hill home, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigators found a bill from Dish Network and a Beretta .22-caliber pistol in the living room.

Additionally, James said that his client considered her late husband’s pornography habit to be a “personal affront to her and to her god.”

While the alleged murder happened back on July 28, 2018, Hill’s trial just began on Monday, April 22.

Patricia Hill has since pleaded innocent as her lawyers say they will be presenting a case that focuses on her mental state at the time of the alleged shooting.

James said that the defense team plans to call doctors to testify in regards to Hill’s mental state.

“Reality snapped,” James said in a statement. “She didn’t try to hide it. She told the truth [about what happened],” he continued, according to The Pine Bluff Commercial.

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