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Top 5 Bold Predictions For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell


Everything has been building to this.

Literally, the very first scene in Game of Thrones history focused on the White Walkers. Not who was sitting on the Iron Throne, not anything relating to the characters we’ve come to love throughout eight seasons. It was the White Walkers. And for good reason.

Jon Snow put it best in season seven when he said that this is the only war that matters: the living vs. the dead. Judging by the end of the most recent episode, the Night King and his army are at the gates of Winterfell. Episode three, which is set to be the longest in the show’s history at 82 minutes, is poised to be an episode long battle.

We’re here to make some bold predictions for the war. Who lives? Who dies? What shocking moments happen? Since these are bold picks, some of them are way out there and might not seem likely, but you just never know with this show.

5. The Crypts of Winterfell Aren’t Safe

winterfell crypts


In the second episode of this season, the team in the North made sure to mention how the crypts were the safe haven for those who aren’t fighting. Some of the women, almost all of the children, Tyrion Lannister, Varys, and others will be there during the battle. It was brought up several times. But, anyone who has seen this show knows that shouldn’t really be a safe place.

We’ve seen the Night King literally raise the dead to add to the numbers of his massive army. Does it really make sense to put all these somewhere filled with dead people? It’s very possible that the Night King raises some of the dead Starks in the crypts. That would not only mean bad news for the living in there, but it could mark a surprise appearance by some members of the Stark family.

Could we see Ned again? His body was supposedly returned to Winterfell a while back.

4. The Night King Has Other Plans

night king


The show has seemingly been building to a clash between Jon Snow and the Night King. They’ve come close a few times. But what if it isn’t in this upcoming episode? The end of episode two saw many White Walkers arrive, but no Night King or his dragon Viserion. A new theory has been going around suggesting that he is actually flying the dragon down to King’s Landing. He’d wreak havoc there and add to his army.

There is some evidence to back this up. Namely, visions that both Bran and Daenerys have had in the past point towards this happening. There’s also the idea that this is only the halfway point of the season. This battle could just be the first and Jon may have to face off against the Night King at a later date. There also didn’t seem to be any sign of the Night King in the trailer for this episode, adding to the possibility of this happening.

3. Bran Wargs Into A Dragon

bran warg


If this prediction happens, the previous one doesn’t. Bran’s role in this war is to be the bait for the Night King. He knows the Night King wants him and he’s to lure him in because our heroes believe defeating the army of the dead’s leader will be the best way to beat them all. There is a significant problem with this plan and that’s who will be defending Bran.

Theon Greyjoy volunteered to protect Bran, adding another layer to his redemption story arc. However, Theon and his Ironborn aren’t exactly the top warriors in this fight. There’s a good chance they lose. This prediction says the Night King gets to Bran and seemingly kills him. But, at the last second, Bran wargs into one of Daenerys’ dragons. It would fulfill what the Three-Eyed Raven told him seasons ago. “You will never walk again, but you will fly.”

2. The Deaths

brienne knighting


In a massive war like this and on a show like Game of Thrones, casualties are a guarantee. Now it’s about figuring out just who bites the dust. We’ve got some ideas. We think that The Hound is safe, as he seems poised to fight his brother down the line. Arya Stark seems like a safe bet as it would feel kind of wasteful to go through her seasons of story just to end here. Jaime is a possibility but we think he has a showdown with Cersei coming up.

Our picks to perish are Brienne, Gendry, Jorah, Theon, Sam, Gilly, and either Grey Worm or Missandei.

Brienne had a huge moment when she got knighted by Jaime. Saving Jaime during the battle and sacrificing herself feels like the end of her story.  Gendry had the big hookup with Arya, giving him a lasting memory.

Jorah is another who got a big moment in the last episode, getting a new sword and conversing with his awesome cousin, Lady Mormont.  Samy and Gilly would be a heartbreaker but seems fitting.  Theon will end his arc by dying to save the Starks.

Last up, the way Grey Worm and MIssandei spoke about finding a place together when this war was over is ripe for a TV death. One of them will go, leaving the other shattered.

1. Daenerys Goes Mad



Two episodes into the season, and the show is really hammering home the fact that Daenerys isn’t exactly a great leader. She’s hot-headed, selfish, and people are starting to question her. Throw in her less than ideal reaction when she learned about Jon Snow’s real name and there’s a good chance she does like her father and goes a bit mad.

It seems a bit far fetched, but what if something happens that just triggers her going mad for good. Maybe another dragon dies. Perhaps the death of people close to her. What makes this prediction so bold is that we think she goes so far as to kill a Stark. Maybe Jon, maybe Arya, or maybe Sansa. She does something so vile that it makes her almost as much of a villain as Cersei or the Night King. She finds herself against the family we all root for.

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