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University Of Illinois Student Talks Stranger Out Of Their Pants To Save His Grade


Would you ever take off your pants and hand them to a stranger in need? Well, one University of Illinois student did just that when Jake Wolf desperately needed a pair of pants to save his grade.

According to Buzzfeed News, Wolf, a 19-year-old chemistry major, was taking advantage of the nice weather and was wearing shorts around campus.

Eventually, he made his way to his classroom and realized there was a serious problem.

Shorts are not allowed in his lab, so he needed to change or risk his grade dropping by an entire letter grade for missing the class while he changed his clothes.

“I show up to my lab, it’s 7:58, two minutes before my lab starts and I realize I’m in shorts, which is not good,” Wolf said. “I panicked. I was like, how am I going to do this? If you miss a lab you’re basically guaranteed to drop a letter grade.”

Wolf then began running in a desperate search for pants and came across fellow student Sam Brown.

“I’m by the business school and I see this one guy about to walk into the school and he’s wearing sweatpants,” Wolf recalled. “I said, ‘Dude, I need your pants.'”

Brown and Wolf then made their way to the restroom and made a swap.

“At the time I was just kind of shocked,” Brown said. “And he explained again how he needed this because it would affect his grade. Then I felt like I should probably help this guy out.”

This man deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

And, because social media drives the world we live in today, the story went viral on Twitter and garnered even more attention.

My buddy forgot to wear pants to lab and pic.twitter.com/aLoDBaa031

— Chris Royer (@CRoyer97) April 9, 2019

Normally when approached by a stranger on the street telling me to drop my drawers I say no, but today I decided to save a life: https://t.co/C7YsexoKxR

— Sam Brown (@downtownsambrow) April 9, 2019

Let’s just hope that a new friendship was made. And remember, your pants could end up saving someone’s future.

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