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Meet Xian Mikol, The Stunner In That Progressive Commercial That’s Been *Everywhere*


While Xian Mikol may not be the most famous actresses in the world, she’s suddenly one of the most recognizable.

There are certain commercials in American pop culture that have been on television since before you can remember. Like, the commercial has been on for so long that you struggle to remember what your life was like before it aired.

There’s that iconic Corona “Feliz Navidad” palm tree commercial, there’s the timeless M&M’s stealing cookies from Santa ad, and of course all of the classic Geico commercials.

And now, Progressive’s “Flo” commercials are certainly entering that territory, as they’ve been on the air for over a decade (that’s right, Flo first made her debut back in 2008 and has since appeared in more than 100 commercials).

However, what makes the Progressive commercials so different is that they aren’t necessarily remembered for the events, but more so for the fact that Flo is involved. And the latest one of those commercials may be the most memorable yet, albeit for reasons other than Flo.

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve definitely seen the commercial. And if you’ve seen the commercial, then you’ve definitely noticed the Chinese-Irish-German-Norwegian (yes, you read that correctly) model Xian Mikol.

Mikol, born on Xian Mikol Quon on January 6, 1988, is a model and occasional actress who is best known for the aforementioned Progressive commercial.

In addition to the Progressive commercial — “Jamie’s 40th” — Mikol has acting credits in 2015’s Shooting the Warwicks, 2018’s Everyone is Doing Great, and the Daryen Ru-directed short titled Denim.

And if you think she’s a knockout in the Progressive commercial, just wait till you start following her on Instagram, which you suggest you do ASAP.

Mikol, who is as recognizable as ever thanks to Progressive, is represented by Wilhelmina Models and NTA Talent.

Make sure to follow Xian Mikol on Instagram for yourself, where she currently has over 94,000 followers, to keep up with all of her latest IG heat for yourself.

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