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Taravella High School Code Red: Full Story of Lockdown


UPDATE (9:40 a.m. EST): The Coral Police Department has announced that the Code Red has been lifted and that there is no threat to the school at this time.

UPDATE (8:45 a.m. EST): Coral Police said that the Code Red lockdown was initiated after a former student carrying a backpack trespassed on J.P. Taravella High School grounds.

Original article:

Students and staff at J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Florida, have been placed on Code Red lockdown for what’s being described as a “suspicious incident.” The incident was first reported at around 8 a.m. local time.

At this time, all students and staff at Taravella High School are safe. A heavy police presence responded to the scene to investigate.

The Coral Spring police department tweeted that there is no “immediate danger” at this time.

“We are working a suspicious incident @ JPT HS. There is no immediate threats at this time. Parents are encouraged to monitor our Social Media for updates. The school is on Code Red as we continue our investigation. Traffic is restricted in the area,” the tweet read.

Code Red at Taravella High School in Coral Springs. pic.twitter.com/3lRy32IwCI

— Luc Neree (@HEAT305) April 4, 2019

An unconfirmed text message allegedly sent by a student inside of J.P. Taravella High School said authorities are “looking for a kid that has a possible gun” and that they’re “in a closet with ten kids.”

However, there is no confirmation that the police are searching for an armed person at this time.

The reports of a lockdown at J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Florida, is just the latest in a string of lockdowns, evacuations, and shootings that have plagued our nation’s school systems in recent years.

Taravella High School

Google Maps

J. P. Taravella High School, a high school located in Coral Springs, Florida, that which teaches grades 9–12, was named after Joseph Phillip Taravella, the president and chairman of Coral Ridge Properties, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and a founder of the City of Coral Springs.

Taravella High School is a part of the Broward County Public Schools district.

That is all the information that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available at any time. If there is anything that we missed, please feel free to send an email to editor@teamcoed.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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