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The Funniest April Fool’s Pranks On The Internet 2019


If you hear some news on April 1 of any year, be wary. April Fool’s Day brings the prankster out in everyone. A look around the internet and you’ll find some fantastic pranks. Some were done by brands looking to have some fun with their customers, while others are done by everyday people hoping to play a well thought out trick. If you’re hoping to find some hilarious pranks, look no further than April Fool’s Day.

To help celebrate one of the most fun days of the year, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best pranks. These could be a full-scale prank, a little lie on social media, and anything in between.


Duolingo is a language learning app known for their green owl icon. They ran an April Fool’s prank ad saying they were taking their notifications process to the next level. Instead of the owl icon on your phone, a real green owl mascot would greet you in public. What made it so great was how self-aware the ad was.


The Spotify logo appearing on a mobile device


Another brand that brought the goods for April Fool’s Day. They tweeted a simple question. “How’s your Discocover Weekly today?” At first glance, you may think it is a typical tweet since they offer “Discover Weekly” playlists based on what you typically listen to. A closer look shows the typo to include an extra “co” that means the word “disco” is in there. Of course, if you go to your playlist you’ll find actual disco songs played by artists you usually listen to. That’s going the extra mile.


The Tinder app icon on a mobile device


Tinder also got involved in the April Fool’s pranks. A few days prior, they announced that their app would include a height verification feature. The joke is that plenty of users lie about their height and their dates end up highly disappointed. Tinder said it best during the announcement, saying that they expect a decline in the 80% of males who list themselves as being over 6 feet tall. They added, “That’s fine by us – as long as we’re all living our truths.”


We recently surveyed our customers and identified a major pet peeve. 🐶

Introducing the #Roku Press Paws Remote ➡ https://t.co/djtZjcAa7k pic.twitter.com/6WMieTzzL7

— Roku (@Roku) April 1, 2019

It probably seems too far fetched, but plenty of customers fell for this ad run by Roku. In it, they debut a special remote made only for dogs. They went as far as to say one of the buttons brings up Animal Planet and that it came with “bark assistant technology.” They even included a $19.99 price tag. It took almost 8 hours before they cleared up that this was a joke.

I take April Fools very seriously. Too bad I have to wait til Tuesday! Not complaining about a 3 days weekend though 😉 #AprilFools pic.twitter.com/YqqQGy22Au

— kasey (@sailormuncheese) March 29, 2019

Someone who really enjoys April Fool’s day. They went into the weekend by leaving all these decorations hanging in the various cubicles around their office. Their co-workers are in for quite the surprise when they come into work.

Should I dip these babies in chocolate to trick my kids into thinking they're chocolate-covered strawberries on Monday? #AprilFools #HotTake #MomJokes pic.twitter.com/dMeZPoQ1oO

— Linda Quirke (@LindaQuirke) March 28, 2019

Sometimes, the funniest pranks are the ones done to lovable, unsuspecting children. This mother picked out some peppers shaped like strawberries. Her plan to have her kids bite into them thinking they’d be sweet strawberries is kind of genius.

I'm retiring. In my spare time, I'll be tweeting #LFG

— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) April 1, 2019

Tom Brady pulled a fast one on everyone. For the first time ever, he joined Twitter. His account was verified and everything. Then, he tweeted out that he joined so he could have something to do with his new spare time after retirement. Of course, he waited another hour or so before clearing up that this was just a joke.

Remember how he mentioned that some companies take part in the holiday? Here, Lego showed off what would be an incredible app for collectors. Unfortunately, this isn’t coming true.

Love dipping your french fries in milkshakes? Then this was directed towards you. McDonald’s in the United Kingdom posted these milkshake flavored dipping sauces and of course, it was all a joke.

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