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The Best Twitter Reactions To Philip Rivers Having His 9th Kid


In addition to being one of the most underrated quarterbacks in history, Philip Rivers may also be one of the most underrated father’s in modern history, as he and his wife are the proud parents of nine (9!) children — an amount of kin almost unheard in today’s day and age.

Unfortunately for River, though, while he’s become synonymous with underperforming teams, early season stumbles, late-season letdowns, and pitiful playoff performances on the field, he’s becoming a running joke about fatherhood off-the-field.

But while ole’ Philip may be in the latter stages of his football career, he shows no signs of slowing down in his fatherhood career, as he and his wife Tiffany Rivers welcomed their 9th child into the world.

Philip and Tiffany, who were high school sweethearts that got married in 2001 before Rivers got drafted into the NFL, gave birth to their first child, Halle, in 2002.

Since that first-born, Philip and Tiffany have given birth to eight more children: Caroline, Grace, Gunner, Sarah, Peter, Rebecca, Clare, and now Anna.

And because Twitter is Twitter, football fans from all corners of the country had something to say about Rivers having yet another kid and slowly reaching Antonio Cromartie levels of fatherhood.


Philip Rivers: pic.twitter.com/sLdMmHBeFJ

— COED (@COED) March 27, 2019

Philip Rivers to his wife 10 seconds later pic.twitter.com/x25aQJwrue

— ChargersMemes (@ChargersMemes) March 26, 2019


⚡DRAFT SSN⚡ (@BoltGangRNoBang) March 26, 2019

Every 9 months just copy and paste with a different name

— JOSH (@AlmostJg) March 26, 2019

When they say Rivers is accurate with a quick release…They aren't always talking about Football! Congrats 17!!!

— Bolts McGee (@MMcGee573) March 27, 2019

Let’s go Broncos pic.twitter.com/josfxbR9zf

— Giovanni Ortiz (@captainortiz_) March 26, 2019

And the Rivers family is pumped to meet their new sister! pic.twitter.com/zRu4uICXnX

— Frenchy Alou (@erks81) March 27, 2019

All the other animals are just Philip Rivers’ other kids https://t.co/qNt2sdeJfD

— Cherchez La Femme (@FrankieVtotheD) March 26, 2019


Philip Rivers: pic.twitter.com/y0TKyzR2Pi

— #CHARGERS ⚡ HYPE (@ChargersHype) March 22, 2019

Cam Newton isn't having sex for a month. Meanwhile Philip Rivers probably made two more babies this morning. pic.twitter.com/PV9pWqj7tu

— Isaac (@WorldofIsaac) March 22, 2019

Pullout game Philip Rivers

— Rell (@RellGotSnackss) March 26, 2019

I agree with Philip Rivers. pic.twitter.com/BDfFyKUbLt

— Ghetto Kirk Cousins (@ghettokirk) March 23, 2019

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