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40-Year-Old Neuropsychologist Greg Nigl Is The Man Behind The Only Perfect NCAA Bracket


Greg Nigl, a 40-year-old neuropsychologist from Columbus, Ohio, is the man behind the “Center Road” bracket. “Center Road” is the lone perfect bracket for the 2019 NCAA Tournament and the best bracket we have ever seen through 48 games. Nigl perfectly predicted the Sweet 16 which marks a first in March Madness history.

NCAA.com tracked down Nigl to discuss the thought behind his picks and he spilled the beans on how he achieved the impressive feat. Spoiler alert: the perfect bracket almost never came to be.

“I did four. And I almost didn’t fill that one out, because I was actually sick on Thursday, and I filled it out Thursday morning, right before the deadline, and I almost didn’t do it,” Nigl said. “I was lying in bed, I was sick, and I called into work. I almost went back to bed and didn’t fill it out, but I did it anyway because I felt bad because it was my friend’s [group].”

Nigl also booked an appearance on Good Morning America.

.@tjholmes introduces us to the ONLY person left with a perfect #MarchMadness bracket. https://t.co/LUKfafEEKb pic.twitter.com/bYGeoWtsB2

— Good Morning America (@GMA) March 26, 2019

The odds of having a perfect bracket into the Sweet 16? A stunning 1 in 281,474,976,710,656. Yes, that is 1 in 281.4 TRILLION.

You can check out the Elite Eight predictions in Nigl’s bracket and the remaining March Madness schedule below.

Greg Nigl Elite Eight Predictions

3/28 at 7:09 PM (1) Gonzaga vs. (4) Florida State Gonzaga
3/28 at 7:29 PM (2) Tennessee vs. (3) Purdue Tennessee
3/28 at 9:39 PM (2) Michigan vs. (3) Texas Tech Michigan
3/28 at 9:57 PM (1) Virginia vs. (12) Oregon Virginia
3/29 at 7:09 PM (2) Michigan State vs. (3) LSU Michigan State
3/29 at 7:29 PM (1) UNC vs. (5) Auburn UNC
3/29 at 9:39 PM (1) Duke vs. (4) Virginia Tech Duke
3/29 at 9:57 PM (2) Kentucky vs. (3) Houston Kentucky

We’ll have to see if the unprecedented streak can continue when teams return to the court on Thursday, March 28.

2019 NCAA Tournament Schedule

Sweet 16, Thursday, March 28
Florida State vs. Gonzaga 7:09 pm CBS Anaheim, CA
Purdue vs. Tennessee 7:29 pm TBS Louisville, KY
Texas Tech vs. Michigan 9:39 pm CBS Anaheim, CA
Oregon vs. Virginia 9:57 pm TBS Louisville, KY
Sweet 16, Friday, March 29
LSU vs. Michigan State 7:09 pm CBS Washington, D.C.
Auburn vs. North Carolina 7:29 pm TBS Kansas City, MO
Virginia Tech vs. Duke 9:39 pm CBS Washington, D.C.
Houston vs. Kentucky 9:57 pm TBS Kansas City, MO
Saturday, March 30
West Regional Final 6:00 pm or 8:30 pm TBS Anaheim, CA
South Regional Final 6:00 pm or 8:30 pm TBS Louisville, KY
Sunday, March 31
East Regional Final 2:00 pm or 4:55 pm CBS Washington, D.C.
Midwest Regional Final 2:00 pm or 4:55 pm CBS Kansas City, MO
Saturday, April 6
Final Four 6:00 pm CBS Minneapolis, MN
Final Four 8:30 pm CBS Minneapolis, MN
Monday, April 8
National Championship 9:00 pm CBS Minneapolis, MN

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