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5 Most Popular Drunk Snack Foods In America


We all know that when you have a little too much to drink that you will end up making decisions you regret. One of those decisions is usually stuffing your face with unhealthy snacks at an alarming rate.

Now, in the name of science and research, we know that one in every three adults snack when they drink. In fact, 82 percent of the people surveyed admitted that they were drunk snackers. There 2,000 people polled, with men showing a preference towards spicy snacks and women leaning towards saltier treats.

“The trend of people getting saucy is definitely on the rise, and chips and dip are definitely a big player on the scene. What starts out as a simple handful of chips typically ends up as an entire bag along with a whole tub if not more of dip,” said a spokesperson for Bitchin’ Sauce. “We are very interested in the eating patterns of healthy partiers. We don’t think they should need to sacrifice health in the pursuit of drunken satisfaction.

“There’s just something about a salty chip that pairs perfectly with a late night not-so-skinny dipping that’s too hard to resist. Fortunately, the natural food snacks have been on the rise; you’ll feel much better the morning after devouring a natural snack opposed to some of its more established drunk snacking partners. Drunk people will always indulge in satisfying and tasty foods. We don’t think those foods need to be terrible for you.”

The most popular drunk snack foods in America can be seen below, via the New York Post.

Most Popular Drunk Snacks In America

Top 5 foods that taste better when drunk

Fast food
Chicken wings
French fries

America’s most impressive drunk snacks

3.3lbs of bacon
14 tacos
50 piece nuggets
5 family-size bags of chips
2 whole pizzas

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