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Lake Mary High School Student Commits Suicide In Auditorium


Lake Mary High School was placed on lockdown Wednesday, March 13, after a student took their own life inside of the facility, according to a report from WESH-2. A 17-year-old junior reportedly asked to leave class to use the restroom just before 8:00 a.m. ET when a teacher reported hearing a gunshot.

According to Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma, the student took their own life in the auditorium. It is not believed that any students or faculty were in the area when the young girl took her life.

After a teacher reported hearing a gunshot, the school was placed on Code Red lockdown.

It has been described as an “isolated incident.”

Seminole County Public Schools spokesman Michael Lawrence issued a statement which read: “Lake Mary High School was on a brief Code Red lockdown (Wednesday) morning as law enforcement was on scene to deal with an isolated incident. All students are safe, and the lockdown has been lifted for normal school activities.”

From the report:

School officials said parents wishing to pickup their kids can do so by entering campus near the football field. Parents should bring a photo I.D. and remain in their cars when they arrive. School officials said campus staff will help get parents in contact with students. Students who drove themselves to school are being allowed to leave campus on an honor system.

“At this time, any families wishing to pick-up their student may do so by entering the Lake Mary High School campus by the entrance near the Football Field,” the high school added in an email response to the incident. “There will be NO-access to campus through the school’s main entrance. When you arrive on-campus, please remain in your vehicle. A team of school staff will be present to assist with contacting your student. In addition, please present your valid photo I.D. when picking up your student.”

.@LMHSRams Parent – Student Pick-up Information. Please see below. pic.twitter.com/ALEW5184sg

— SCPS Info (@SCPSInfo) March 13, 2019

Where Is Lake Mary High School?

Lake Mary High School, Florida map

Google Maps

Lake Mary High School is located in Seminole County, Florida and was opened in 1981. The school, which is led by principal Dr. Mickey Reynolds, is home to nearly 3,000 students. The school’s official mascot is the Ram, with school colors being red, white, and gray.

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