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“Cowboy Pinball” Is Easily The Dumbest Thing You’ll See This Week


Does standing in a circle and not being able to run away as a raging bull charges at you to win a measly $100 sound like a good idea to you? Then come on down to the Bull Bash Rodeo down in Owensboro, Kentucky!

OR, if you aren’t one of those people (and therefore are a somewhat intelligent person), then just watch the video of these morons getting truck-sticked and 360-flipped into the air for a single Benjamin.

At Bull Bash — a rodeo event held at the Owensboro Sportscenter on Saturday, February 16 — audience members were invited to participate in an event called Cowboy Pinball.

In Cowboy Pinball, the contestants stood in a painted circle, unallowed to move, and tried to snatch a $100 bill that was attached between the bull’s horns.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, “several” people who participated in the Bull Bash 2019 Cowboy Pinball event were injured, including some who reportedly suffered broken ribs, torn ligaments, scrapes, and bruises.

Speaking to WEHT, witness Kevin Hildabrand said that three people were hit.

“When he’d come out, he hit the first individual, he was a decent-sized guy. He went flying. Then he turned around and hit the other gentleman, and he went flying. I know he did two or three spins, immediately he was rushed to the side,” Hildabrand said.

Of course, the Bull Bash operators were covered on their end, as the contestants were forced to sign waivers prior to entering and participating in the competition.

Actually, calling it a competition is too polite. It was more of a clown show.

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