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WATCH: Sean Spicer Was Hammered After The State Of The Union & Stole The Show


Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary, has kept a relatively low profile since being ousted from his position in the Donald Trump administration. That all changed, however, on Tuesday, February 5. Spicer appeared on The Blaze for an interview following the State of the Union address and it was quite the spectacle.

The reason? Spicer appeared to be absolutely hammered.

The interview took place at the bar in Trump Hotel, so it shouldn’t bee too much of a surprise that a few cocktails may have been tossed back throughout the night as Trump addressed the nation.

During the interview with The Blaze’s Eric Bolling, Spicer even commented on the host’s wardrobe choice. In case you weren’t convinced that Spicer may have had a few too many brews, his “I like velvet, it feels good” line definitely should convince you. Spicer then joked about Bolling getting his suit from Target while caressing his arm.

“I never knew Target had clothes like that,” Spicer joked. “Target!”

What a scene.

Bolling didn’t appear to be too amused, however, and claimed that his suit was actually from Armani.

You can watch the interview below.

Sean Spicer is drunk and incidentally, it’s the most sense he’s ever made. pic.twitter.com/u2vK5j40aJ

— laney (@misslaneym) February 6, 2019

Live on BlazeTV: After saying he turned down Trump's offer to come back to the White House, a drunk-seeming Sean Spicer comments on Eric Bolling's suit: "I never knew Target had good clothes like that." A super uncomfortable-looking Bolling mutters: "Target? Armani."#SOTU pic.twitter.com/P9SBdkcEJZ

— cristina lópez g. (@crislopezg) February 6, 2019

Spicer’s rambling also included a claim that Donald Trump offered him another job after his ousting as the press secretary.

“[Trump] said, ‘I want you to come back to the White House,’ and I told him, I said very clearly, ‘Mr. President, I love you, I love this White House, but you’re never getting me back,'” Spicer claimed.

We really need to have more drunk Sean Spicer appearances in our lives. And you know that the folks at Saturday Night Live are going to have a field day with this hilarious exchange and interview.

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