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Washington Woman Ashley Horning Charged With Killing Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother


Ashley Horning, 25-years-old, has been identified as the Washington state woman who is accused of killing 48-year-old woman Christina Powell on Thursday, January 24.

According to reports, Horning shot and killed Powell — her ex-boyfriend’s mother — in front of the children that the two share.

However, while appearing in court for her alleged crime, Horning repeatedly referred to herself as “Gypsy” and maintained her innocence:

“That’s not me. And I am innocent,” Horning said to Spokane County District Court Judge Jennifer Fassbender during her first court appearance.

via The Spokesman-Review:

Details of the shooting were released Friday in court documents. The 25-year-old is accused of barging into the 2104 E. Cataldo Ave. home of her daughter’s father, Gregory Powell, at about 9:30 a.m. Thursday. She was confronted by his mother, Christina Powell.

Gregory Powell told investigators his mother stood in Horning’s way while he went to his room to retrieve a weapon. Before he could return, however, he said he heard a gunshot. He returned to the living room to see Christina Powell collapsing on the floor as she asked him to call police. Powell was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gregory Powell told police he saw Horning holding a silver-colored revolver. He said she ran from the home wearing all black clothing.

Horning was eventually turned into police by her current boyfriend, Zachariah Gardner, who notified authorities of Horning’s whereabouts as soon as he learned she was wanted for murder.

Court documents state that Gardner received a Facebook message from Horning saying she was going to kill herself, which led to him finding her on a park bench approximately one mile from the murder scene.

Horning is currently being held in jail on a $1 million bond.

Gardner, the man who turned Horning in, said that “she was a good woman”, but he understands “that’s hard for some people to see right now.”

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