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There Are Horrible Criminals, And Then There Are People Who Rob Girl Scouts


What kind of world do we live in where people steal money from a Girl Scouts troop?

Troop 80062, which includes girls ages 5 to 12, had set up their cookie table on the upper level of the Woodbridge Center Mall, in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Assisted by a troop mother, the girls were doing great with their cookie selling. They even managed to raise over $1,100. They were trying to raise enough money to go to Savannah, Georgia where the founder of the Girl Scouts once lived.

What Happened?

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Jessica Medina, a Girl Scout mom, told the New York Post that the incident occurred in the late afternoon, after nearly a whole day of sales. Two people, the thief and an older woman with a walker, approached the table to inquire about buying a box of Caramel de Lites and some Peanut Butter Patties.

Medina noted that both the older woman and the older male looked to be disabled. “He was rocking back and forth and slurring,” Medina told The Post, which is why she did not suspect anything. Police would later inform this troop mother that it may have been an act.

When the two inquired about the cookies, Medina, who had been watching over the money, set the envelope down to check their stock of cookies. The envelope contained a mix of cash and checks.

Security footage revealed that once the money was set down, the man immediately grabbed it and slipped it into his jacket.

“Judging from the security tape, he had his eyes on the envelope the entire time . . . I think [he] was pretending to be special needs so people wouldn’t stare at him,” one of the Girl Scouts, Olivia Limmer, stated about the incident.

Police are currently investigating the incident, but as of Monday, January 23, they have no suspects.

“The girls’ spirits were down, but we’re going to march on and keep trying,” Medina said

Community Support

However, the locals have rallied together in support of the troop. NJ.com reports that Mick Kless wrote in an email to NJ Advance Media, seeking contact information for the troop.

“My sister was a Brownie and Girl Scout back in the 60s.” Kless wrote. “I’m originally from Fords but have lived down the Shore for the past 33 years. I would like to donate $1,200 to replace it.”

Mike Kless isn’t the only one who has wanted to lend their support to these young girls. Tara Lissade of the Cambria Hotel in West Orange said she and her general manager, Mike Callahan would also like to donate on behalf of their company.

“The story touched our hearts, and we wanted to see how we could assist in helping Girl Scout Troop 80062,” Lissade wrote in an email.

Many good Samaritans have stepped for these troops. Medina stated that they would be following Girl Scouts guidelines for accepting monetary donations. Citizens of Woodbridge have proved that they look after and support their own, especially when it comes to the children of their community.

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