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Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Up A Funeral For A Dog

jill hoffman mugshot

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Jill Hoffman, a 66-year-old woman from Boca Raton, Florida, has been identified as the person who was arrested for threatening to conduct a mass shooting at a funeral service for a late police dog.

According to reports, as the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was posting updates to Facebook about a memorial service for slain K9 officer Cigo, threatening comments began appearing from a user named “Michael R Reed.”

In total, Hoffman has been accused of leaving more than 100 threatening comments on various different posts on the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. She was arrested on Sunday, January 13.

“I hope all of you are the first to be shot!!” one comment read.

“How about building yourselves coffins and jumping in them. You’re going to need them,” said another.

“I swear if I see one more story about this on the news or elsewhere you’ll be seeing MY story splashed across every news outlet in the country,” another one read.

“Great venue for a mass shooting. You don’t have the sense you were born with,” one of the posts read.

Hoffman has since been charged with written threats to kill or conduct a mass shooting and is being held without bond. She made her first appearance in front of a Florida judge on Sunday, January 13.

Cigo, a 3-year-old K9 officer, was shot and killed as he was pursuing a fleeing suspect on December 24, 2018. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said Cigo “did his job and saved those deputies’ lives.”

As for the suspects in the shooting that left Cigo dead, they were wanted on warrants for attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery. One suspect was left hospitalized with severe injuries after being shot by a responding officer.

He gave his life to save others. He’s a good boy and he will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace #K9Cigo pic.twitter.com/7Snb2LvVFt

— PBSO (@PBCountySheriff) December 25, 2018

That is all the information available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available.

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