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West Virginia Teacher Arrested For Using Her Student As A Drug Dealer

Susan Surber-high school teacher getting drugs from student

Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Office

A high school teacher at Greenbrier County, West Virginia has been arrested on drug charges after soliciting drugs from a student.

What Happened?

Greenbrier East High School teacher Susan Surber was arrested Monday, January 7 for allegedly swapping prescription pills for marijuana with a student, according to WVNS-TV.

Deputies said the 53-year-old teacher had exchanged illegal prescription pills for pot and had “solicited the assistance of a student for the marijuana.” Deputies would not go into further detail because the incident is still under investigation. Deputies report there is no indication that any transactions occurred on school property.

Surber was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance. She was released on bond. However, deputies reported there may be additional charges.

Greenbrier County School officials issued a statement following the teacher’s arrest.

“Administration is aware of the recent arrest of a classroom teacher and the serious allegations asserted against the employee,” the statement said. “However, personnel laws that govern school employees prevent the school system from addressing the status of the employee other than to state that the employee is not currently in the classroom and will not be returning to the classroom. To respond further could compromise the employee’s due process rights in the event adverse action is taken. We trust the press, parents and public understand our limitations in this regard.

“At the initial stage in the process, the administration will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and will continue to monitor the criminal proceedings, all while complying with the legal requirements that must be afforded to the employee.”

Who Is Susan Surber?

Susan Surber, 53, of White Sulphur Springs, is a high school teacher at Greenbrier East High School. She was arrested on Monday, January 7 for exchanging illegal prescription pills for pot and “solicited the assistance of a student for the marijuana.”

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