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NBA YoungBoy Song Sparks 200-Person Brawl At Roanoke Skate Center

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When you strap on some skates and head to the local skate center, you probably wouldn’t anticipate a brawl to break out. Unfortunately for the folks at Star City Skate Center in Roanoke County, Virginia, that is exactly what happened over the holiday weekend.

According to a report from VirginiaFirst.com, a 200-person brawl broke out at Star City.

The most bizarre part of the story? The brawl was allegedly sparked by the song “Overdose” by rapper NBA YoungBoy as people at the skate center began throwing up gang signs.

“The song NBA (Never Broke Again) YoungBoy Overdose came on and people started throwing up gang signs, started getting rowdy. and then people started fighting,” One onlooker told the website. “I mean it was crazy because we had just gotten there. Like we didn’t even spend like 30 minutes in there.”

Part of the lyrics of the song read:

And they ain’t never seen this sh*t before
Ooh, BigHead on the beat
Young n*gga sh*t
Bitch, gang, gang, gang, gang, hrrr
38 Baby

Well, that kind of explains it.

The report adds:

They say gang signs soon led to 95% of the room becoming involved in a fight. Gilliam says that, although no shots were fired, he saw at least one individual holding a handgun.

“They had it out. They was running with it,” he said.

In hope of stopping future violence from breaking out at the venue, Star City Skate Center has decided to alter its hours by closing on the weekends until further notice and no longer allowing public skating hours. Instead, the venue will be restricted to private child groups by reservation only.

All over a song.

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