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Explosion At A Queens Electrical Plant Casts Massive Blue Light Over NYC Skyline



An explosion at the ConEd Electrical Plant in Queens, New York City, has cast a bright blue light across the sky. The Con Edison plant is located in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York.

Con Edison said the blue light in the sky was caused by a couple of transformers being tripped offline at the substation at 20th Avenue and 32nd Street, which then sparked a fire.

At this time, no injuries or fatalities have been reported. Additionally, the cause of the explosion is not known at this time.

According to CNN, FAA spokesman Greg Martin said that all FAA facilities at La Guardia are on generator power and there was no interruption to air traffic control. Additionally, the FAA said that all terminals were impacted by the loss of commercial power, which caused the issue of a ground stop until at least 10:30 p.m. EST.

The official statement from Con Edison, via Twitter:

“We’re working with the @FDNY to respond a substation fire in Astoria and will provide updates as soon as we have more information.”

via NBC News New York:

People in Queens reported the electricity briefly flickering off in their homes, and LaGuardia Airport saw a total blackout at one point. A News 4 staffer picking up his daughter in Terminal A said the lights started to flicker, then turned off completely while the emergency lighting stayed on.

Inbound flights were briefly held at their origin during the power outage at LaGuardia.

Following the explosion, the New York City Police Department asked civilians to avoid the area of 20th Avenue and 31st Street in Astoria while authorities investigate the explosion.

That is all the information available at this time.

Photos & Videos Of The Con Edison Plant Explosion

#ConEd explosion #Astoria pic.twitter.com/s4u3HTTOST

— Jackie Papers (@Str8Bear_in_SF) December 28, 2018

Power surge at ConEd facility in Astoria #NY 👽 pic.twitter.com/wYmGlb1aY7

— JuanReyes (@JuanReyesTE86) December 28, 2018

NYPD says the bright blue glow lighting up the New York City area is caused by a transformer explosion at a Con Ed energy company power plant in Queens. https://t.co/oHOAWPWrRJ pic.twitter.com/CPpJLsqHN9

— Mukun (@MukunBTC) December 28, 2018

#fox5ny #astoria Con Ed Transformer explosion in Astoria view feom #wny pic.twitter.com/cJ49v6Xe33

— Kele Munoz (@KELE1086) December 28, 2018

Anyone know what caused this crazy blue light in the sky in Queens? I googled and it seems to resemble what an electrical explosion looks like pic.twitter.com/DGVep6OonW

— Christina Raia (@Craia9) December 28, 2018

View from my roof insane pic.twitter.com/ekLyolAPO5

— kjones4215 (@kjones4215) December 28, 2018

Explosion at the ConEd plant in Astoria. TL-117 confirming a fire at the facility pic.twitter.com/7g3vCmCQJx

— NYCFireWire (@NYCFireWire) December 28, 2018

What is going on on out towards Queens? Strange very bright light show. #nyc pic.twitter.com/n5pSH7GqPj

— Jacob Trevino (@JTrevinoNano) December 28, 2018

Massive blue light over Queens. Crazy!!! What in the world?!?!?!?! @NYCMayor pic.twitter.com/Z14WDNClIX

— Rich Villodas (@richvillodas) December 28, 2018

SEE IT: closer footage of the transformer explosion in Queens. pic.twitter.com/mf8HUSeWCu

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) December 28, 2018

Looks like a transformer at the Con Ed plant blew. Fire seems to be out now. Is everyone ok? pic.twitter.com/lydIkhYMy5

— Lorraine Klimowich (@MsKlimowich) December 28, 2018

That is all the information available at this time. This article will be updated should new details and information become available.

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