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COEDs Of The Week: 5 Girls You Need To Follow – Week 50

COED Girls of the Week - Week 50


Instagram is a great place to keep up with what is going on in the social lives of people across the world. It is also a great social media platform to find online influencers and some undiscovered talents that you may appreciate. It’s also a gold mine for Instagram models, college students and other personalities to show how they live their every day lives. Whether it’s drinking picture perfect food or lounging on the beach, it’s hard not to get jealous at the way some people go about their normal day.

But alas, we all look and let the jealousy flow.

Who are the top upcoming social media personalities and influencers you should be keeping an eye out moving forward?

The COEDs of the Week – 12-14 can be seen below.

Stine Cardone, Penn State

Meet Stine Cardone, a student at Penn State University. Stine, who is a Buffalo native, is set to graduate as part of the Nittany Lions’ Class of 2020.

Lilly Skjoldahl, FIU

Meet Lilly Skjoldahl, a student at Florida International University. Lilly is a personal trainer and yoga teacher, who is part of the FIU Master of Science in Athletic Training program. She has also started her own business, Buddha Bitch Oils, which are essential oils in her own wholesale bottles with custom labels. You can check out her business here.

Juana Nino, West Florida

Meet Juana Nino, a student at the University of West Florida. Juana is a business and marketing major. She also states on Instagram that her ethnicity is Colombian and Lebanese.

Taylor Peterson, Florida

Meet Taylor Peterson, a student at the University of Florida. Taylor, a self-described country music enthusiast, is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority on campus.

Vanessa Torres, Florida Atlantic

Meet Vanessa Torres, a student at Florida Atlantic University. Vanessa, whose ethnicity is a mix of Indian, Trinidadian, and Puerto Rican, is a model represented by Neon Model Management in Australia and Bali.

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