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Elizabeth LeCron: Full Story & Must-See Details

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Elizabeth LeCron has been identified as the Toledo, Ohio, woman who was arrested and charged on December 8 for allegedly purchasing black powder and screws that she was going to use to build a pipe bomb as part of an attack on an “upscale” Toledo, Ohio restaurant.

According to prosecutors and the FBI, LeCron was reportedly “obsessed with the idea of carrying out mass murder” before she was arrested on Saturday, December 8.

When speaking to an investigating agent, LeCron told an undercover agent that she wanted to target a Toledo bar and also discussed bombing a pipeline or attacking a farm.

Jeff Fortunato, an FBI assistant special agent in charge, stated that LeCron allegedly said she had been involved in a plan to commit an ‘upscale mass murder,’ as she called it.”

Following her arrest, LeCron was placed into Lucas County Jail.

via CBS:

According to court documents, Lecron was active on social media. On Tumblr, she posted “photographs and comments glorifying mass murders like the Columbine shooters and Dylann Roof.” Roof, a white supremacist, shot and killed nine African-Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina church in 2015.

In the weeks leading up to her arrest, Lecron wrote to Roof in prison. According to court papers, he wrote back, asking her to “mail him several books about civil uprisings and the Nazis.”

In the second Toledo case, the FBI said 21-year-old Damon Joseph, who investigators believe was radicalized by ISIS online, planned to target two Toledo area synagogues. Court papers allege he praised the October attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, telling an undercover FBI agent, “My opinion is the Jews are evil and they get what’s coming to them.”

Agent Fortunato said he believes that Joseph wanted to carry out a similar mass shooting.

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